Hot Artist Alert: Ben Khan — futuristic sonic grooves that are smooth AF

ben khan

Photo credit: Derrick Santini

When my 10-month old daughter stops whatever she’s doing (usually chewing on a book), to bob her little head and clap her hands, I know she’s diggin’ the song I’m currently listening to. Ben Khan’s new track “Do It Right” is smooth, silky and full of those bass bumps your head instantly bobs along to. Today the London-based producer, has revealed the video for “Do It Right.” Watch the retro montage of strange clips below.

“Do It Right,” is the second track taken from Ben Khan’s anticipated debut record, dropping this summer via Dirty Hit. The new track follows Khan’s lead single  “2000 angels,” which is one dope track, and probably my favorite Khan track yet. Dripping with futuristic-soul grooves, “2000 angels” and “Do It Right” belong in a neo-80s cinema soundtrack — think Drive or Stranger Things.

Khan’s slick sounds and production is impressive. His debut album has him playing every instrument on the record. The album was produced alongside legendary PJ Harvey, Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails collaborator Flood, was mixed by Spike Stent (Björk, Frank Ocean) and mastered by Dave Cooley (J Dilla, M83).

Trust, Ben Khan’s debut album is a top release to look forward to this summer. His past works speak for themselves, and these two new singles are dope AF. Looking forward to when he brings it live to Los Angeles.

Watch Ben Khan’s new video for “Do It Right”

Stay up to date with tour dates and new music from Ben Khan via his Facebook, and be sure to visit his new interactive website.

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