Hot Artist Alert: DGTL CLR

A 90s blast-from-the-past packed with modern utilizations of synths and electro-dance, DGTL CLR is a powerhouse of sonic beats born out of the head of Devereaux Jennings. Think Miike Snow but with a few more metric tons of funk courtesy of Jennings obvious infatuation with building expansive electronic soundscapes for all manners of groovy instrumentals to romp in.

DGTL CLR’s latest single “The Fire in Me” starts off as this spiraling beat-thumper that eventually empties out into something surprisingly lush, thanks to his dreamy vocals and a couple of choice saxophone blares. We see a bit of Hot Chip in DGTL CLR’s inability to make simple club bangers; his melodies have no problem meandering, dizzying themselves off the rails in the spaces between echoey beat-traps and distant instrumentation. And there they rage and burst before dissipating into nothingness, like in “Starlight.”

DGTL CLR has a touch of something swirling inside his nebulous indie-electronica creations, a burning affinity for those 90s new-wave, pseudo-disco-synth-pop concoctions of the past being maneuvered brilliantly in a new direction. DGTL CLR’s new album ‘Tetra’ is out Feb. 28 and streaming on all platforms.

DGTL CLR will be playing two dates in Los Angeles, one at the Silver Lake Lounge on February 27 and the other at the Resident on February 28. Visit his website and Facebook to stay updated on future releases and tours.

Listen to DGTL CLR’s latest single “The Fire in Me” below!