Hot Artist Alert: Naomi Wild and her new single “Run That” is the midnight stereo-burner for any late-night drive

Naomi Wild
Photo by Haley Busch

Naomi Wild, best known for writing and singing for Odesza on the song “Higher Ground,” has begun to take her first steps as her own artist with her new single “Run That.” An electronic beat-masher filled with Wild’s simmering vocal work—engulfed as it is in a blaring of distant horns and feral percussion. Unafraid to dip into the darker intimacies of her heart and mind, Wild cuts through any pop-redundancies and gets at the core of her emotions—a profound feat for someone so new to songwriting and singing in general.

But clearly the new artist has hit the ground running since coming to unexpected fame after her chance collaboration with Odesza, and previous songs like “Howlin” really drive home just how much of a natural Wild appears to be in already establishing her voice and sound.

Listen to Naomi Wild’s new single “Run That” below!

The cover art for “Run That” itself—which features a tender-gazing Wild looking-on as she hugs the golden-prosthetic legs of her girlfriend: model, actress, and activist Lauren Wasser—poignantly adds a whole other layer to the single’s title. Between all those biting deliveries and fiery passion, the song is as much a demand for self-love as it is one tied deeply to the complex tangle that comes with any relationship.

“‘Run That’ came from a place of me trying to deal with balancing my internal dialog between codependency and freedom. I’ve always been the type to be in a relationship and I like having someone in my corner. The past [two] years of my life have become really hectic with touring, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me because it forced me to be independent,” Wild said of the inspiration behind the single. “I fell in love with that freedom and discovered things about myself that never got enough attention when I was always physically with someone. I didn’t realize how much space in your mind is occupied with thinking of someone else’s feelings to the point where you put yours on the back burner subconsciously- and how that affects your daily life. The lyrics are me trying to say, like, ‘I’ll be there, I love you, but I love me more.’ I always kind of put myself in these somewhat destructive and chaotic scenarios because a part of me feels the most alive when everything isn’t so perfect. I’m a junky for a messy situation. The song was just me getting some of that out.”

Naomi Wild will be performing on March 21 at the free music and art monthly at The W. You can RSVP below.

Wild will be performing with Odesza at a number of festival dates as well, including Sundara, Ultra, and Boston Calling. Visit her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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