Ambar Lucid emerges as the burgeoning, unsilenced voice of a generation on debut “Garden of Lucid”

Ambar Lucid

Dominican/Mexican-American artist Ambar Lucid has finally shared her debut album Garden of Lucid, an enchanted diary of personal triumph and strife that sees the singer/songwriter carving out her own niche. Mixing her Latin roots with an eclectic mix of genre-bending, Lucid has established herself as the burgeoning and unsilenced voice of a new generation of minority artists. But it’s her own voice – a powerful, elegant trill that envelops her debut in a variety of sentiments – that takes center-stage and imbues those raw, introspective ballads with such tenderness.

From deep within the well of lilting melodies and sharp sonics, Lucid emerges as a bilingual weaver of such lush textures – on “Cuando,” her elongated wails pierce deep, submerging themselves into the cresting waves light string melodies.

“Fantasmas” furthers her prowess as a vocalist, lifting her unbound cries into the stratosphere – while soothing, lucid alt-R&B piece “Questioning My Mind,” blooms as a confessional of complex romance.

Upbeat “Story To Tell” is an obvious favorite, an anthem that encompasses the album’s earnestness in telling one’s own story with their own voice – but the entirety of Garden of Lucid is compelling in its own right, a crystallization of what an artist can accomplish when so intimately and unabashedly committed to expressing themselves.

Ambar Lucid’s new album Garden of Lucid is out now. Visit her Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Stream Ambar Lucid’s debut album Garden of Lucid

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