Momma Threads A Deep Tapestry of Imagery with New Single “Habitat”

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With their third new single this year, LA’s Momma have woven another thread in a detailed tapestry with their new song “Habitat; the full extent of which we will hear this June when the band releases its next full length album.

For now, we’re given another single,”Habitat,” a tune that goes deeper into the imaginations of the band who has noted that their next release is anticipated to be an ambitions concept album centering on the idea of a purgatory of their own creation.

“Habitat” is a song that takes its time to warm up. Musically it keeps pace with crunchy guitars and steady drums, leaving all the heavy lifting to the lyrics.

Penned by the band’s lead singers Etta Friedman and Allegra Weingarten, the single evokes powerful imagery and instates a sort of musical suspension — one where thought and emotion float freely and blend together like paint on a canvas. The accompanying music video also highlights the lyrics while keeping a stagnant background.

“We wanted this song to be the grand opus of the record – a culmination of the drama that happens throughout,” explain Friedman and Weingarten. “Inspired by ‘Eldorado’ by Electric Light Orchestra, ‘Habitat’ is written from the perspective of someone who comes to accept their place in The Bug House. The lyrics were inspired by the time we took shrooms together and decided that ‘being alone with each other is like being alone with ourselves.’ It is about being at peace with your environment, and finding calm in an altered state.”

Despite living apart while finishing college, Friedman and Weingarten’s writing style as a pair give the grunge sounding band an added complexity that proves to enhance their raw sound.

Momma’s 10-song album drops June 5 via Danger Collective Records. To hear more from the band, visit their website or follow them on social media.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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