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Sunny War Simple Syrup
Sunny War’s new album Simple Syrup is a bittersweet treat

Folk phenomenon Sunny War is an artist that fervently puts her all into her music. Her songs glide across your ears with a free-flowing radiance that sucks listeners in. Her new album Simple Syrup is aptly titled as it has that same light sweetness. Her innovative 11-track release touches on themes that range from relationships to politics, and those topics […]

MaryLeigh Roohan
MaryLeigh Roohan wanders through the desert on video for new song “The High Wire”

Los Angeles singer/songwriter MaryLeigh Roohan has shared a tender new single in the form of “The High Wire.” At once halting with her husky croons and quivering murmurs, Roohan delivers a heft of emotionality with quite little to spare. An acoustic guitar trails behind her equally stripped-down vocals, meandering in the aftermath of her aching […]

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Newly signed to the punk-roots music and art label Quiet Panic, LA based musician Tennis System released, “Truth Hurts,” the first single off the band’s upcoming album, ‘Autophobia,’ dropping later this summer.
Newly Signed to Quiet Panic, Tennis System Release Moody New Single

Newly signed to the punk-roots music and art label Quiet Panic, LA based musician Tennis System released, “Truth Hurts,” the first single off the band’s upcoming album, ‘Autophobia,’ dropping later this summer. “Truth Hurts” is an edgy, atmospheric single with a lot of space to explore the frustrations and insecurities of being alone. Gritty guitar, […]

Patricia Sanchez |
Premiere: Jess Joy Releases Euphonic New Single and Video “permanent heaven”

Stepping into the forefront of her own solo career, musician, multimedia artist and Louisiana native, Jess Joy finds a striking balance between artistic movement and musical oneness. Joy pens and performs “permanent heaven,” her newest single that while also be featured on her upcoming debut album, ’PATREEARCHY,’ produced by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, set for […]

Siiickbrain and Pussy Riot Team Up to Release Electrifying New Single / Video “Power” on Woman Empowerment

Experimental musician Caroline Minor Smith, better known by her alias, Siiickbrain, and protest collective Pussy Riot have teamed up to perform the tooth and nail “f*** the patriarchy” single “Power.” Sung in English and Pussy Riot’s native tongue, Russian, the song is a full throttle thrill ride pushing the power dynamics of men and woman […]

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revenge wife
On new single “Manifest,” Revenge Wife is done with trying to conjure a life of wealth and success

Punchy pop singer Revenge Wife is getting fed up with being told to visualize success. To those that say believe and you will achieve she says… “fuck that.” Her latest single “Manifest”, a bubbly anti-capitalist anthem, details the widening wealth gap and her own broke state. Her vibrant vocals soar over retro 90s sound effects and […]

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paper citizen
Queer Singaporean Artist Paper Citizen Releases “Indigo September”

Though we are several months away from autumn, the new single from Paper Citizen gets its namesake from a brooding fall evening. “Indigo September” is the latest release from the queer, LA-based Singaporean artist also known as Claire Gohst, pulled from her forthcoming 5-track EP, Wandering Gohst. A grunge vein runs through the whole record, […]

Zoe Elaine |
Shamir offers a heart-wrenching and lush cover of “Dsharpg” for Sharon van Etten’s “epic Ten”

Sharon van Etten has tapped the eclectically talented Shamir for her latest single/cover off epic Ten, this time for a visceral rework of the sonorous ballad “Dsharpg” off Etten’s Epic. In keeping with the other singles that have been previewed so far, like IDLES version of “Peace Signs,” the covers are loyal to the raw […]

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Crys Matthews
Crys Matthews album ‘Changemakers’ is light at the end of a dark tunnel

Engaging folk-pop artist Crys Matthews like many of us has witnessed the dark side of society and now more than ever, understands her duty in the fight for change. Releasing her new album Changemakers seeped in themes of hope, justice and love, the offering reminds us all that we are not alone in this battle. The stunning […]

jacklen ro
Premiere: Jacklen Ro’s visuals for new song “Sally” are sure to make you smile

Laid-back hippy indie-duo Jacklen Ro just unleashed their new song and video for “Sally”. The eccentric track glistens with vibrant percussion, glowing guitars and colorful vocal harmonies. We can all connect to the song’s relatable sentiment of crushing on someone who has no idea how you feel. The video’s humorous visuals showcase the two singers lusting after the […]

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