Join Nana Lourdes on An Odyssey Into the Midwest on Her Debut Album “Wyoming”

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Photo by Catarina Feiteira

Nana Lourdes, the project of Portuguese artist Adriana Caldas de Barros, has finally unveiled her debut with the release of her concept album Wyoming. Intersecting everything from her fascination with American pop and celebrity culture (and the toxic ways it takes hold of us) to her unbridled infatuation with the landscape aura of a midwest state she’d never yet been to — the album follows the odyssey of a couple spinning out of love as they road trip from California to Wyoming.


And for their soundtrack, Nana Lourdes provides a glamourous tapestry of infectiously danceable tracks made all the more exhilarating by her mix of country-folk instrumentation and dizzying electro-pop. From the frantic bass bumping barn burners like “Sausalito” and the glitter-pop, dreamy meanderings of “Cowgirl Makes You Cry,” Nana Lourdes tracks all the delirious highs and lows of a relationship meant to mirror in its toxicity our modern addiction with the out-of-touch figureheads of pop culture.

On the album’s opening song “Sunrise Blue,” she cuts a sonorous heartfelt ballad made all the more electric with its gilded riffs (plus a riveting solo to boot) and her own clarion vocals. While the similarly soaring “Peaches” thrives on a clamor of ardently-soaked textures that burst with her yacht rock allure.


But it’s on tracks like “Buckley Horse Machine 1937” and “Lady Luck,” she reveals some of her most affecting collisions of country rhythms and electronic punctuation. Much like her creation of a concept album about Wyoming before ever even visiting the state, Nana Loudes’ imagination takes the reigns in creating everything from the narrative to the sonic soundscapes traversed throughout. Entirely written, produced, and mixed (except for the album’s interlude) by her own hand, Wyoming is as much her debut album as it is an introduction to her indelible sound.

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Words by Steven Ward

Listen and watch the visualizers for Wyoming the new album from Nana Lourdes below!

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