Yinka Shares An Intimately Vivid Look At Falling For Someone On New Single/Video “Two Weeks”

Photo by Lindsey Childs

Los Angeles-based Yinka creates music you can fully immerse your soul into — without fear of vulnerability — and her latest single “Two Weeks” is a beacon of such tenderness. She was born in Nigeria but grew up in New York and as a result, her music is as much about detangling your identity as it is about expressing it unabashedly. Just this year she released “Sweet One,” an African lullaby she recorded as this swelling atmospheric ballad.


But in her latest “Two Weeks,” Yinka turns her attention to the often dually terrifying and exciting onset of romantic love. Sheltered within the roomy soundscape she creates within the track, which resounds with her strident vocals and delicate instrumentals, she loses herself in that unbridled current of emotion. Which often has the effect of distorting time itself. “It feels like it’s been a lifetime with you / But it’s only been two weeks,” she breathes in tandem with the ring of piano keys that open the song.

Reveling in all the ways they’ve grown increasingly more attached (such as the bliss of developing shared “favorites”), Yinka settles into the realization things are going euphorically well with no small amount of grace. Absent any second-guessing, “Two Weeks” hones in on the fact that too often we bring our cynicism or past trauma as self-sabotage when we should instead be more willing to embrace such a connection when we’ve found it.


For the music video for “Two Weeks,” directed by Dave Rowe, Yinka pairs her sonorous ballad and stirring vocals with a lyric video that dives right into the lush sensuality she’s become known for. Pairing her words with images of assorted fruits and flowers, the video doesn’t shy away from the obvious sexual charge connecting these two people. Which in itself is such an important aspect of intimacy and vulnerability in any relationship — and Yinka taps into that quite literally as she squeezes and presses her fingers into a piece of citrus.

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Words by Steven Ward

Watch the music video for “Two Weeks” the new single from Yinka below!

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