Chiiild Enters a Dark Daydream in New Single and Visuals for “Bon Voyage”

CHIIILD press photo
Chiiild by Eddie Mandell

Singer Chiiild is shifting in a cinematic direction for his next album with a new single and video for “Bon Voyage.” The album, entitled Better Luck In The Next Life, seems to be a vivid look into Chiiild’s psyche if “Bon Voyage” is any indication. Impeccably produced, the R&B/pop fusion finds Chiiild floating through the instrumental as if he were “under tangerine skies,” a stark juxtaposition to the almost dystopian music video set in his hometown of Montreal. As echoed in the music video, what starts as a daydream eventually becomes a bad trip.


Led by tranquil guitars, the track feels as though you’re drowning. Chiiild’s vocals similarly feel stifled by the subject matter, creating a gloomy ambiance as if his voice were another texture in the instrumental. The colorful lyrics match the sprawling production, never missing a beat to evoke a sense of longing and caution that match the video’s visuals. 


Directed by Trey Lyons, the music video breaks away from scenes of Chiiild in Montreal and goes down a spiral as everything becomes increasingly frantic. The same is true for the song, which climaxes near the end while Chiiild’s world seemingly falls apart. He maintains, keeping with a pop melody that contrasts the otherwise trap direction taken with the instrumental. And if Better Luck is anything like “Bon Voyage,” there should be no shortage of songs that will send you down a dark rabbit hole.

Words: David Sosa

Chiiild is scheduled to perform at the M3F music festival in March 2023. Keep up with Chiiild on Instagram, Twitter, and his website for news and tour announcements.

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