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Prom King, the project of Sascha Andres and Jordan Frye, has shared its debut self-titled EP with the release of Prom King via Lauretta Records. Over the course of just three songs, the duo weaves their love of vintage rock and bombastic sonics into an emotionally gushing collection. At the center of which lies Andres’ smokey vocals and yearning lyricism — from sizzling professions of passion to soaring devotionals.


“I just want to be a girl singing about a girl,” Andres has said of her music — and that’s exactly what she does on the opening track of the EP. On “Dirty Love,” against heavy collapses of shuddering percussion, she sings about the push and pulls of being enraptured by a lover you can’t seem to pry yourself away from. “Tangled up in dirty love / Heaven how she tears me up,” she howls against the grumble riffs and ghostly echoes.

From rapturous passion to a breezy confession of love, “Stay” is an anthemic mix of folk-pop that galvanizes the heart. With its pulsating rhythm and Andres’ piercing coos, the song carries with it that feeling of weightlessness that arrives the moment you realize you don’t want to exist apart from this person.


“Sun Goes Down,” the EPs final track, toys more with the dusty rock influences sported by Prom King. But it also reveals both Andres’ and Frye’s knack for blending the best bits of their myriad genre influences. Over heady drums and riveting acoustic strums, the song is a thunderous announcement of Prom King’s bold musical style — one that’s at once colossal as it is searingly intimate

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Andres — who lives in Los Angeles and by day is a hairstylist — has been writing her own songs since she was 10 years old. And with musical inspirations that range from Jeff Buckley and Madonna to Bon Iver, her strident vocals aren’t the only piece of her music repertoire that is unique to her.

Frye is also based in Los Angeles and just released his debut album Beautiful Wasteland.

Visit Sascha Andres on her website and Instagram.

Keep up with Jordan Frye on his website and Instagram.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to the self-titled EP from Prom King below!

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