Los Angeles-based artist BELLSAINT has shared their first single of the new year with the release of their latest single “Thank You but No Thank You.” It’s the first preview of the music that she has planned for 2023, after releasing her debut album Technicolor Dream a few years ago and a string of stellar singles that included the empathy-pleading banger “WFNEO.” With the release of her new single though BELLSAINT continues to pen ecstatically catchy alt-pop songs that enthrall with both their rapt soundscapes as they do with their intensely relevant subject matter.


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On “Thank You but No Thank You,” she tunes a snarky but brutalizing rejection of a self-absorbed friend/romantic partner to concussive electro-pop. All at once the song becomes this passively raging anthem against narcissism that shudders with every drop of blistering noise. “Don’t wanna be like you, stuck in a vacuum / No, I don’t need validation from assholes like you,” BELLSAINT wails along to the meandering melody, her politeness a whimsical buffer against the abrasive personality she finds herself across from.

And she peppers the song with such scenes that it’s hard to separate the absurd (“I’m not daydreaming, yeah, it’s just this thing called listening”) from the horrific (“Now you’re screaming at the waitress at The Waffle House”) at times. But at the very least BELLSAINT coats the entire track in the song’s incredibly invigorating electronic climax, which just thunders away in crackling recognition of the singer’s ardent distaste for selfish fools as this.

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Be sure to check out BELLSAINT’s other releases, including “Time To Say Goodnight” and “Needing A Light,” as well as the collection of remixes she put out of her track “WFNEO.” And her first album Technicolor Dream is, at the very least, a gorgeous time machine that brings the iconic kaleidoscope of 60’s era art into the modern era. One that uncovers all the defining cultural and musical threads that we still find ourselves still intertwined with today.

Visit BELLSAINT on their website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

Words by Steven Ward

Listen to “Thank You but No Thank You” the new single from BELLSAINT below!

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