Kid Culture Proves He’s More Than Just a Hip-Hop Producer on New Single and Video “KEEP IT”

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Via Kid Culture’s Instagram

After breaking into the industry as a producer and songwriter for artists like Cordae and Eminem, rapper-producer Kid Culture is paving his own lane with his first single and music video, “KEEP IT.” Born and raised in Washington, Daniel Hackett began making beats when he was a teenager and quickly gained traction. By 18, he was nominated for a GRAMMY and had a hand in producing “Yummy” by Justin Bieber, peaking at #2 on Billboard. On “KEEP IT,” he allows the instrumental to take center stage while holding his own through laid-back lyrics.


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Amid gleaming production and galvanizing synths, there’s no denying Hackett’s talent as a producer. Whether it’s the chipmunk vocal chops from the sample or the aforementioned synths, he does enough on the production end without the instrumental drowning out his vocals. Instead, he rides the relatively simple beat with no problem, proving he knows how to hold his own. And considering this is the first time he’s ever released music for himself, he already shows promise as a songwriter who can create an infectious chorus and easy-going lyrics, both of which touch on the subject of not wanting any trouble out of a relationship.

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As for the visuals, it’s a high-production music video for a high-production song. There are enough floating cars, colorful clothing, and miraculous makeup and hairstyling for a TV series, let alone a music video. From years of experience working in the industry, Hackett’s career is already starting with high quality on all fronts. And if “KEEP IT” is his very first single as a solo artist, his upcoming album due this year should be one to keep an eye on.


Words: David Sosa

“KEEP IT” by Kid Culture is out on all streaming services. To keep track of Kid Culture, follow him on Instagram and TikTok.

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