Artists You Should Know: Omotola Serenades in the Face of the Void on New Single “Infinity Hotel”

Omotola 2023 press photo
Photo by Scott Hackwith

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Omotola is returning with her newest single, “Infinity Hotel.” For the past two years, she’s released a handful of singles that, thus far, have been steadily building up to what she’s accomplished with producer Ivan Wayman on her latest work. “Infinity Hotel” features her signature cinematic sound but is now complemented by the heavy subject matter of human mortality, which Omotola handles with care on an exciting blend of indie and soul music.


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Although her inspirations are wide in variety, Omotola is most distinctly inspired by indie musicians such as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, but is spiritually soulful and R&B driven. From the beginning, the electronic drones and glittery piano transport the single into a celestial realm of sound. The piano on the song, an instrument that Omotola is proficient in alongside the guitar, sounds like a ballerina dancing delicately on top of the keys. Wayman’s production, which has previously graced big names such as Adele and Julian Casablancas, works in favor of Omotola’s vocal gravitas.

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Without falling in the background, she transforms her voice in more ways than one, proving her to be a talented and exciting singer in the face of constantly changing creative direction. The most striking aspect of Omotola’s vocals is her ability to harmonize with her own voice, making herself seem like an army of singers or, more appropriately, a choir of angels.

“I usually write songs out of a free flow and then come back and read the lyrics and attach more meaning to it including a title,” said Omotola on the inspiration behind the single. “As this one kind of revealed itself to me, I realized it seemed to be asking what it’s all for? Not necessarily an original question but always relevant.”


The weight of that question is undoubtedly felt in both her voice and the song’s production, elevating her into a level of emotional maturity that otherwise takes other burgeoning musicians years to lock in. But when looking at “Infinity Hotel” and Omotola’s artistic style, it comes as no surprise an artist of her competence can delve into new worlds of cosmic wonder.

Words: David Sosa

“Infinity Hotel” by Omotola is available on all streaming services. For more of her music and info on future tour dates, be sure to visit her Bandcamp, Instagram, and Twitter.