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Electronica pop outfit NVDES is back with an energized and inspired collaboration alongside thirteen-member collective The Vibe Trillionaires on their latest single, “All My Life.” The single comes as the newest in a recent stream of songs the group has made with the Trillionaires, matching the same eclectic sound previous releases have brought to the table so far. And if “Get Along” or “Party People” weren’t proof their shared effort is something to be in awe of, “All My Life” guarantees this is a match made in house music heaven.


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At the very beginning, the sound of a razor blade- sharp guitar and a fizzling sonic texture set the stage for an infectious anthem. Soon after, the house beat instantly transports you into the late 90s when acts like Daft Punk dominated the electronic scene. But “All My Life” is far from an homage, as the two groups update the sound with some welcoming gleaming synthesizers which ensure the song is fresh in comparison to other electronic groups currently out. There’s also an extensive usage of loops from possible samples that are carefully placed throughout, without the song coming off as overly produced or overbearing in its throwback sound.

All throughout, the vocals echo, “All my life, I’ve been waiting for someone like you.” When it comes to NVDES’ music, a song this colorful and eccentric was well worth the wait. The chemistry between frontman Josh Ocean and the extensive collaborators who make up The Vibe Trillionaires practically jumps out as much as their resulting music. And if their recent music is an indication, a formal project between the two is the kind of news to shock life into electronic music.

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Words: David Sosa

“All My Life” by NVDES and The Vibe Trillionaires is out on all streaming services. Follow NVDES on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for tour date announcements and new music.

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