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Music Festival Style & Fashion Portraits: Best of 2013

All we have to say is, just because it’s featured on our best of 2013, does not mean we approve of such fashion. That’s for you to decide. While the majority of music festival fashion photos are quite stylish and some even sexy, there’s some photos that will make you wonder, “what the fuck was […]

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Best Concert Crowd Photos of 2013

Who says L.A. crowds suck? Well actually, it’s kind of true. Los Angeles is known for some of the weakest crowds. People are just too cool these days to dance, jump and even clap for the bands they adore — but it’s a different story at the majority of the shows Grimy Goods cover. Yes, […]

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Stream the Best Albums of 2013

Well, that’s it! Today is the final day of 2013, and what better way to kiss this amazing year goodbye than with our best albums of 2013. From heavy hitters such as Arcade Fire and Daft Punk, to lesser known indie acts such as Savages and Rhye — 2013 produced some excellent albums. Some made […]

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Stream the Best Movie Soundtracks of 2013

     From multi-million dollar blockbusters to super low-budget independent films, from Beyoncé to Belgian Bluegrass bands, Grimy Goods has compiled a list of the best movie soundtracks of 2013, with no shortage of diversity. Take a look at our best soundtracks of 2013! You can stream them as well. What were you favorite soundtracks of […]

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Best Live Music Photography of 2013

The photographers at Grimy Goods shoot a lot of shows (I mean A LOT). After spending a day going through all of our 2013 live music photo galleries, we’ve selected our best concert photos of 2013. From tiny underground shows to huge arena shows, the talented photographers at Grimy Goods cover the L.A. music scene […]

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Best Songs of 2013 – Indie, Mindie, Underground & everything in between

2013 is rolling out the door, but before we kiss it goodbye we want to share with you our selections for the best songs of 2013. From mainstream artists such as Queens of the Stone Age and Daft Punk, to underground bands such as Diane Coffee and together Pangea — we’ve come up with a […]

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Biggest Music Douches of 2013

The music industry has a plethora of douche bags, but some truly stand out with their outrageous personalities. After doing some fine crowd-sourcing, we came up with a list of the biggest music douches of 2013. Yes, there’s plenty more names that should be on this list, but the five musicians below are the crème […]

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15 of the Best Music Videos of 2013

2013 revealed a variety of music videos that showcased the creative talents not only of the musicians, but the cinematographers and creative minds behind the lens. From short films, interactive videos and comedic WTF vids, below are Grimy Goods’ 15 selections for the best music videos of 2013. What were your favorites? 1. QUEENS OF THE […]