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Hot Artist Alert Featuring Akajou
Hot Artist Alert Featuring Akajou — Watch new video for single “Dead Ends”

For Los Angeles based artist Akajou, writing music is a narrative feat where lyrics serve as the road map for existential, moral and self exploration. It’s a space where the young artist can make sense of the world, make sense of himself and where he can understand how the two intersect. Through his expressive music, […]

Alex E.T.
Sonorous and bright, Alex E.T. makes her debut on “The Ashes”

There is an intoxicating world compelled into existence on The Ashes, the debut album from L.A.-based songwriter/guitarist Alexandra Elaine Tapié (aka Alex E.T.). Laid to rest within the haunting mis-en-scène of her folk-rock emulsions is a tender lyricism that broils with feelings of isolation, especially as the result of change. Created out of the culmination […]

Lorelei Marcell
Hot Artist Alert: Lorelei Marcell looks back to look ahead on stellar debut EP

On the opening track of her self-titled debut EP, singer/songwriter Lorelei Marcell makes a difficult affirmation to not hold herself to the impossible expectations of others. “I’ve been a little too naive and a little too loyal, you’ve been like a bullet in the breeze a little too spoiled,” she concedes between the buoyant splash […]

Hot New Artist Alert: Amped up LA Duo Not a Friend Come Out With Banging New Single “WARCR1ME”
Hot New Artist Alert: Amped up LA Duo Not a Friend Come Out With Banging New Single “WARCR1ME”

Like magnegas taking the dirtiest byproducts and turning them into a hot, gaseous flame, L.A.’s Not a Friend mix gritty electro dance music with a raw punk sound to create provocative, liquid hot licks; a permeable concoction most recently distilled in their strident new single “WARCR1ME.” “WARCR1ME” starts off with ominous, heavy synth followed by […]

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Nana Lourdes
Hot Artist Alert: Nana Lourdes’ infectious pop-bops are one debut EP away from taking over the world

It won’t be long before the infectious pop-creations of artist Nana Lourdes are dominating airwaves and streaming services all over the world. The moniker of Adriana Caldas de Barros, an only child from the north of Portugal who developed an obsession over the music-making process, Nana Lourdes taught herself how to write, produce, record, and […]

Hot Artist Alert: Superstar to-be, De’Wayne turns heads with debut album “STAINS”

Los Angeles-based De’Wayne is turning heads with the release of his debut album STAINS and the impressive video for “Super 8,” a wild track that once more plays into the artist’s penchant for crafting hook-filled, genre-bending songs. Between blitzing drums and his earnest cries “Super 8″ embodies the kind of breathless urgency with which De’Wayne […]

Hot Artist Alert: jermtown shares introspective new Room Talk EP

Los Angeles-based by way of Ferndale, Michigan — rapper jermtown has returned with another stellar EP this time in the form of the deeply introspective Room Talk. The five-song EP takes listeners into the depths of Jeremy Turner‘s world — one that’s soundtracked by his bouncily off-kilter beats and his cheery, ambling flow. But the […]

Between Friends
Between Friends throw it back to the age of mixtapes with the sprawling atmospherics of ‘i like when you shine!’

Los Angeles-based Between Friends have returned with an ambitious new project: i like when you shine! A twenty-five-song “mixtape” that the brother-sister duo created over the last year that began as an experiment and has now snowballed into an engrossing collection of short two-minute tracks that are themselves an ode to the mixtape format. Both […]

Indigo De Souza
Hot Artist Alert: Indigo De Souza peers into her darkest moments and comes out triumphant on “Kill Me” — LA date at The Echo

Indigo De Souza has shared a new song from her upcoming album Any Shape You Take with “Kill Me,” an eviscerating song that takes the singer’s turbulent rock to some dark places. Written back in 2018 in the wake of a dysfunctional relationship and dealing with mental illness, the song balances all the raw, unprocessed […]

Luna Li
Hot Artist Alert: Rising indie-pop star and producer Luna Li enamors with gleaming guitars

Six months in, Toronto-native multi-instrumentalist and producer Luna Li is having a busy year. Li, aka Hannah Kim, had been playing the Toronto indie scene for some time before the pandemic put everything on pause. Her reaction to the stagnation and isolation was to create as much music as she could. The result was her […]

Crys Matthews
Crys Matthews album ‘Changemakers’ is light at the end of a dark tunnel

Engaging folk-pop artist Crys Matthews like many of us has witnessed the dark side of society and now more than ever, understands her duty in the fight for change. Releasing her new album Changemakers seeped in themes of hope, justice and love, the offering reminds us all that we are not alone in this battle. The stunning […]

Jensen McRae Releases Heartfelt New Single “Starting to Get to You”

Los Angeles native Jensen McRae explores the boundaries of friendship and love in her new single “Starting to Get to You.” Her first new single of 2021, the song comes after McRae released an acoustic version of her standout song “Wolves,” released a year earlier. While one single focuses on the predatory behavior women come […]

Hot Artist Alert: Bilingual Vocal Stunner Biig Piig Releases Moody New Single

Born in Ireland, Biig Piig artist Jessica Smyth is not who you’d imagine to not just be bilingual, but actively sing in English and Spanish. Her style as an artist is intriguing enough, then you hear her segue right into a Spanish verse, and you’re left even more fascinated with her sound. From switching between […]