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shana cleveland
Artists You Should Know: Shana Cleveland Offers Ode To California On Ethereal New Album “Manzanita”

Based now in rural California, the music of Shana Cleveland finds inspiration in the mercurial and subtly-haunting world in which Manzanita — the evergreen tree native to the state from which her latest album gets its name — grows. There’s a good chance you’re familiar with some iterations of her music already in the form […]

Artists You Should Know: Wander Into The Lush Synth-Pop Cascades of Bloodline With New Single “Somedaze”

Minnesota band Bloodline has shared a new single with the release of “Somedaze,” the latest in a string of dreamily subdued synth-pop singles. Comprised of American-Brazilian siblings Eliza (writing & background vocals), Lukas (production & keys), and Julia Wheaton (writing & lead vocals) the trio released their debut record Daze in 2021. Revealing themselves to […]

Artists You Should Know: Superfan Offers A Reintroduction Via The Bleeding-Heart Ecstasy Of New Single “For You”

Allow us to reintroduce you to a budding voice within indie-rock: Superfan (f.k.a. KALI) is the project of singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Kali Flanagan. With the release of his latest single “For You,” he’s not only adopted a new moniker but continues challenging any attempts to pigeonhole his sound. Fans looking to catch Superfan live […]

trish toledo
Artists You Should Know: In Trish Toledo A Bygone Era Of Classic 60s Soul Finds Rebirth

Los Angeles Ecuadorian-Guatemalan artist Trish Toledo finds herself at a crossroads of old school and classic soul that’s been revamped for a new era. She’ll also be playing at the House of Blues in Anaheim on July 21. The first thing that hits you when listening to Toledo is the way her music drifts as […]

zentella guitarist
Artists You Should Know: Mexican Artist Zentella Composes Radiant Guitar-Led Loops

Mexican artist Zentella is here to enamor you with his mesmerizing guitar-led instrumentals, which radiate with internationally far-flung eclecticism. It’s the project of Tabasco-born Javier Zentella, a composer at Fermatta College of Music who currently resides in the Mexican Caribbean making music with fellow musician Germán Celis. The music of Zentella is defined by its […]

lido pimienta
Artists You Should Know: Lido Pimienta Offers A Surreal Journey Through Colombian Folklore In New Music Video For “Te Quería”

The music created by Canadian-Colombian artist Lido Pimienta is at once defined by its sprawling eclecticism of genre, identity, and expression. If you haven’t yet been exposed to her vibrantly dynamic and experimental creations then there’s really only one place you should start — her third album Miss Colombia. It’s the record that has subsequently […]

Artists You Should Know: Brookelen Mingles Ethereal Folk With Searing Rock On New Single “Hey”

Los Angeles artist Brookelen might only have two singles out so far this year but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re poised to become your next fixation. Fans of Alice Phoebe Lou are forewarned: if you have a weak spot for the kind of indie-rock that splits the difference between ethereal folk melodics and […]

Artists You Should Know: Araya Wields Eclectic Electronica On Newest Singles “CAMEO” and “FORGET”

Brooklyn-based, Thai-Chilean artist Araya has unveiled two new singles in anticipation of their new ARENA EP, sharing the tracks “CAMEO” and “FORGET.” It’s the second and third song that they’ve released for the new project following its lead single “POISON” and signals that this year is going to be just as filled with new music […]

Artists You Should Know: Mychelle Conjures Up Soothing Self-Assurances On New EP “IT’S not YOU, it’s me”

A creator of soul-stirring R&B/soul Mychelle has just shared a new EP in the form of the emotionally sonorous IT’S not YOU, it’s me. Across five sublime tracks, she composes powerful ballads that reveal her affinity for crossing genre lines to manifest her empowering vulnerability and self-assurance. One that finds her constantly growing somewhere between […]

Artists You Should Know: AMAKA Redefines Herself With Afro-Futurism Dance Track “Cruisin'”

AMAKA has released her debut single in the form of “Cruisin’” a sweltering new dance track from the ever-rising Nigerian-born artist. The project of Jessica Nwokike there’s a good chance you’ve heard her music and dulcet vocals as part of the R&B duo VanJess — a project that saw her release two albums alongside her […]

kate brunotts
Artists You Should Know: Kate Brunotts Issues Challenge On Thrumming Pop Banger “Catch Me If You Can” (feat. Ratchet Racer)

Right now Brooklyn-based Kate Brunotts is flying just below the radar but if there’s any indication that won’t be the case for long it’s their latest single “Catch Me If You Can” (feat. Ratchet Racer). Taking cues from other dark-pop-wielding artists like Grimes, FKA Twigs, and Lorde to create similarly cavernous and hypnotic alt-electronica soundscapes. […]

The Japanese House
Artists You Should Know: The Japanese House Returns With Another Ethereal Pop Single In “Boyhood”

The Japanese House has shared their first new single in three years, ending the drought with a track awash in luxuriantly anthemic electronica with the release of “Boyhood.” If this is your first time hearing the project of British singer/songwriter Amber Bain the first thing that probably hits you is the rather tangible atmosphere created […]

yunè pinku
Artists You Should Know: Yunè Pinku Brings The Interstellar Rave To Your Ears With New Single “Sports”

Yunè Pinku has shared a new single and music video in the form of the electronica odyssey that is “Sports,” the latest hypnotic piece to emerge from the artist’s forthcoming EP BABYLON IX which arrives on Apr. 28. She also announced a tour that gives fans one opportunity to catch her when she makes her […]

Artists You Should Know: Pacing Mingles “Snake Facts” With Poignant Country On New EP

Pacing — singer/songwriter Katie McTigue — has shared a new set of singles that combine her penchant for creating deceptively sardonic but emotionally gripping music. Titled Snake Facts the trio of songs reveals the EPs title is far from arbitrary or simply symbolic. Those familiar with McTigue’s social media will know she’s been dishing out […]

the dare
Artists You Should Know: The Dare Revives Rowdy Nightlife On New Single “Good Time”

The Dare is back with a new single and video with the release of “Good Time,” a glitchy dance rager from the Brooklyn-based vocalist, songwriter, and producer Harrison Patrick Smith. Prior to this new project, he’d released music under the moniker Turtlenecked and was even a resident DJ at a New York dive bar. Now […]

Symone Royale
Artists You Should Know: Symone Royale Shares A New Funk-Centered Club Anthem With “Loose”

Introducing your newest musical fixation: Houston artist Symone Royale has shared a new single in the form of the seductively funky “Loose.” It’s her first piece of new music since the arrival of her 2020 debut album Goin’ Deep and its collection of sensually minded, dance-pop hybrids of R&B and reggaeton. With tracks like the […]

Artists You Should Know: Venbee Deals Out Another Drum And Bass Hit With “gutter”

U.K. artist Venbee just dropped her latest single with the release of “gutter,” a brutally candid retelling of her life’s heaviest moments. At 22 years old Erin Vebmy Anna Doyle has drummed up quite the hype around her rapidly volatile creations that hinge on her talents as a songwriter. Growing up in Chatham, Kent she […]

Artists You Should Know: Whoop Dazzle With Punk-Pop Gusto On Funk-Filled Single “The Way,” New Album “Just What?” Out On Apr. 7

North Carolina quartet Whoop mix a funky motley of genres into their punk-pop creations with an impossibly irresistible effect and their latest single “The Way” is your crash course in their ecstatic ways. Although formed only a few years ago out of the talents of vocalist Fal, guitarist/producer Steve Bigas, bassist Nick Clarke, and drummer […]

Artists You Should Know: Get Lost In The Swell of NYC Duo Purr’s New Single “Hesper”

New York-born duo Purr continues to share new singles with the release of their latest track “Hesper,” a shuddering power ballad that will have you swooning. Comprised of the talents of Eliza Barry Callahan and Jack Staffen, their debut album Like New arrived back in 2020 as an introduction to their psych-pop reveries. They returned […]

Artists You Should Know: Melati ESP Explores Jakarta With Dreamlike Electronica In Music Video For “BAHASA BARU”

Indonesian-American artist Melati ESP has shared another preview of their forthcoming debut album hipernatural with the release of its latest single “BAHASA BARU.” It’s the third track the experimental pop creator has revealed from the record, following the blissful electronica of “E.M.Z.” and the hypnotic soundscapes generated on “KUPU KUPU ELEKTRONIK.” She’s also a member […]