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Join Paco Versailles in Their Very Own “Shangri La” Tonight at the Sayers Club

Here to grace Los Angeles with their new genre of dancemenco is Paco Versailles, aka the duo of Vahagni and Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities). They blend disco and flamenco—hence the portmanteau—to form swirling clouds of infectious tunes. So far, they have released just two singles, and you can hear both and more at the […]

Hot Band Alert: Landroid share video for debut single “Yellow Sea” — a cosmic ode to the odyssey of the afterlife

Desert-dream-pop duo operating out of the sand-dune landscape of Landers, CA from where they take their name—Landroid have shared a first listen off their upcoming debut album with “Yellow Sea.” Pulled straight from the cosmically-inclined minds of Cooper Gillespie and Greg Gordon, the track and accompanying video is an ode to the odyssey of the […]

Hot Artist Alert: Cowgirls find reinvention and purpose on debut single “Loose Story”

After six years of playing bass across Los Angeles for the Dead Ships, Alex Moore found himself feeling more than a little stagnant and drifting in regards to his musical soul. The debut single for Moore’s new project, Cowgirls, was inspired by a desire for “reinvention” and “to flip the script and change the monologue […]

blood cultures band
Blood Cultures Wish Us Well in “Best For You,” Announce New LP Due in September

At the heart of Blood Cultures’ new single, “Best For You,” is a lack of trust. Ironically, the band’s own manifesto preaches a vastly different message: to trust yourself. What’s that—a manifesto? Yes, the band wrote a manifesto to provide some explanation for their thick shroud of anonymity, and it gives art and its interpreter […]

Girl Friday
Watch Girl Friday’s new video for “Decoration/Currency” Ahead of EP Release and Bootleg Show

I had never heard the phrase “Girl Friday” until a local band by that name came across my radar. It is (was?) a phrase that meant an office assistant who handled many tasks—it was coined at a time when only women were considered for secretarial positions, of course. Watch these bandmates crush the stereotype in […]

Premiere: Mystery Artist Sloane Debuts Single “Old Hands New Face” Reminding Us It’s Okay Not to be Okay

Behind a pixelated mask, experimental pop producer Sloane reveals his anthemic single ‘Old Hands New Face.’ Born from heartache and reflection, the track manages to capture the shock and empowerment that comes with a personal revolution. With swimming vocals and a chanting chorus, Sloane reaches the core of transformation by reminding us its okay not […]

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Hot Artist Alert: L.A.-based Delacey is the velvet-voiced songstress to soundtrack your summer dreams

Silky-voiced singer/songwriter Delacey has unveiled the music video for her debut single “My Man”—and it’s quite the visual love letter to the Los Angeles vistas she’s come to call home. Delacey shares that same absorbing elegance that other sonorously gifted singers seem to so innately carry—think Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse—a pop glam that […]

Rachel Oto
Hot Artist Alert: Rachel Oto crafts melancholic “saloon-rock” for the lost soul in us all

Singer/songwriter Rachel Oto has built the beginnings of her career on a very precise “saloon-rock” style—and nowhere in her discography is that raw, drifting melancholy more apparent than on her newest single, “Road Song.” A far cry from the all-girl, pop-rock band she held together in high-school, Oto’s latest is a consuming swell of lamenting […]

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The Beaches
The Beaches smash antiquated notions of romance to the tune of virulent rock

Slashing and smashing antiquated notions of romance to the tune of some seriously groovy guitar riffs, Toronto-based rockers The Beaches cut-loose on the music video for their most recent single “Snake Tongue.” Inspired by the band’s own experiences with unwanted advances from chauvinistic men—from catcalls to unsolicited dick pics—the video sees the four destroying everything […]

Hot Artist Alert: Arqestry — lo-fi pop for the soul

Cozy up to Arqestry’s new single “Beaches” Up-and-coming producer / singer-songwriter, Arqestry has premiered a sexy space jam titled “Beaches.” Written, recorded, and produced by Arqestry, “Beaches” takes you on a smooth ride full of lush atmospherics, delicate whispers and a plethora of synth sonics. It’s the kind of song you want soundtracking a chill […]

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