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Hot Band Alert: Recent Synthwave Singles Push Khuê into Pastel Bedroom Pop Territory

With the turn of the calendar comes new goals and fresh experiences. For Khuê, 2021, or more specifically the next album he releases, will serve as a milestone in his career. The SoCal musician has made music for years, but his recent singles are the only he has released that feature his singing voice. Both […]

Hot Artist Alert: Congolese Newcomer Miloe Embraces Joy Yet Returns to Melancholy on Cavetown Collab “Let Me Feel Low”

If you hadn’t heard, 19-year-old newcomer Miloe has made a splash in the indie scene in recent months. Toward the end of October, the Congolese artist released Greenhouse, a laid-back 5-track EP; fans of SALES or UMO know the vibe. Miloe basks in the bliss of youth, and his music reflects it, making it perfect […]

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Hot Artist Alert: Elena Rose is a supernova of energy and color in her new video “No Voy A Cambiar”

Elena Rose might only have a handful of singles out but the Latin singer/songwriter has already made a deep impression with her breathlessly spirited anthems. Her latest single, the emphatically passionate “No Voy A Cambiar,” puts Rose’s larger-than-life enthusiasm on display as she raps over the song’s buoyant melody in a vibrant tri-color coat and […]

junior mesa
Hot Artis Alert: Junior Mesa shares two new, woozily catchy songs created in quarantine

Hailing from Bakersfield, CA and just 20-years-old, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Junior Mesa has pieced together his sound watching and listening to the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Jimi Hendrix. His two new singles, “Losing My Grip” and “Creep,” slows down the pace at which Mesa wants people to consume music–specifically his music–hoping as he does […]

UTK shares a new song/video “NH” dedicated to his mentor Nipsey Hussle

Born and raised in Leimert Park, CA where he found himself a mentee of Nipsey Hussle — lyricist, producer, and actor UTK has shared a new single “NH” dedicated to the man whom he shared a neighborhood with. UTK (an acronym for the “Universe, The King”) first met Hussle after winning the Craft Syndicate / […]

Hot Artist Alert: First-Gen Nigerian-American Serena Isioma is Chicago’s next greatest export — Debut EP ‘Sensitive’Out Now

At 19-years-old, Chicago musician Serena Isioma has been making waves with the release of her debut EP Sensitive, an album that melts down all of the first-generation Nigerian-American’s eclectic tastes into a deliriously fun and raucous collection. Pressing pieces of rock and lo-fi into the grooves of R&B and hip-hop — and we mean really […]

Nick Leng
Hot Artist Alert: Nick Leng shares eerie, visually stunning “Music to Clean the House to” just in time for quarantine season

At 23-years-old California native Nick Leng has a penchant for crafting carefully layered textures in his songs, garnering attention since the release of one of his more popular tracks “Crawled out of The Sea.” Now he’s shared the music video for his song “Music to Clean the House to,” a track that seems too appropriate […]

Blood Cultures
Hot Band Alert: Blood Cultures temper uncertainty and anonymity with hope and intentionality in their music

From behind hooded, smartly dressed figures and ghostly-veiled forms, Blood Cultures orchestrate a kind of pseudo-cinematic experience within their dynamic soundscapes. Under the guise of their anonymity—which shrouds even the nature of the artist(s); is it a single creator or a collective? Blood Culture Perform at The Echo, Los Angeles on Nov. 15 Blood Cultures […]

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Starcrawler pool together all the best of metal and rock-nostalgia on kerosene-soaked new album Devour Me

Leaning into their audaciously feral tendencies on their new record Devour Me, Los Angeles rock-outfit Starcrawler continues to crystallize that rabid spirit made so critical to their live shows by bringing into the studio with them. With an already notorious reputation for dishing out concerts that are as much a harrowing spectacle as they are […]

jennie lawless
Hot Artist Alert: Jennie Lawless releases playful new single, “Emily’s Favorite Song”

Musician Jennie Lawless released a playful new single, “Emily’s Favorite Song” earlier this week and is set to play a free show at the Love Song Bar in downtown Los Angeles. An ode to two of Lawless’s friends and fellow musicians, the tune is a dreamy and well recited platonic love letter with a buoyant […]

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girl in red
girl in red grapples alongside her heart and against her mind on chapter 2 EP

From inside her Norwegian bedroom, 20-year-old Marie Ulven has spent the last year piecing together the vehicle of her musical ambitions—aka her lush, indie-rock creation: girl in red. With the release of her second EP ‘chapter 2’, Ulven has waded into entirely new depths of coy originality and unguarded confessionals. Pushing her DIY take on […]

Singer-songwriter mxmtoon finds beauty in the mundane on debut the masquerade

A mainline artery to her heart, mxmtoon exists to give voice to all the things that 19-year-old Maia keeps hidden behind the facade of her day-to-day life. Offered in a spoken-word inflection that dips and curves itself around her eclectic production—one part acoustic-pop a-la Kina Grannis, mixed with sharp lyricism and avant-garde, off-kilter melodics akin […]

Clairo emerges glowing and glimmering in the intimacy of her songs on debut Immunity

With the release of her debut album Immunity, 20-year-old Claire Cottrill—aka Clairo—has put to rest any notions of herself being a one-hit-wonder known for making trite bedroom-pop. Her debut unfolds with all the intimacy of a personal diary, handwritten in atmospheric ballads and giddy, electropop bangers that trace her grapplings with love and identity. From […]