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Rachel Oto
Hot Artist Alert: Rachel Oto crafts melancholic “saloon-rock” for the lost soul in us all

Singer/songwriter Rachel Oto has built the beginnings of her career on a very precise “saloon-rock” style—and nowhere in her discography is that raw, drifting melancholy more apparent than on her newest single, “Road Song.” A far cry from the all-girl, pop-rock band she held together in high-school, Oto’s latest is a consuming swell of lamenting […]

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The Beaches
The Beaches smash antiquated notions of romance to the tune of virulent rock

Slashing and smashing antiquated notions of romance to the tune of some seriously groovy guitar riffs, Toronto-based rockers The Beaches cut-loose on the music video for their most recent single “Snake Tongue.” Inspired by the band’s own experiences with unwanted advances from chauvinistic men—from catcalls to unsolicited dick pics—the video sees the four destroying everything […]

Hot Artist Alert: Arqestry — lo-fi pop for the soul

Cozy up to Arqestry’s new single “Beaches” Up-and-coming producer / singer-songwriter, Arqestry has premiered a sexy space jam titled “Beaches.” Written, recorded, and produced by Arqestry, “Beaches” takes you on a smooth ride full of lush atmospherics, delicate whispers and a plethora of synth sonics. It’s the kind of song you want soundtracking a chill […]

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Naomi Wild
Hot Artist Alert: Naomi Wild and her new single “Run That” is the midnight stereo-burner for any late-night drive

Naomi Wild, best known for writing and singing for Odesza on the song “Higher Ground,” has begun to take her first steps as her own artist with her new single “Run That.” An electronic beat-masher filled with Wild’s simmering vocal work—engulfed as it is in a blaring of distant horns and feral percussion. Unafraid to […]

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pander sera
Premiere + Interview: Pander Sera Wants to Rattle Your Sternum

Sean Draper is a clever experimenter. The first thing you notice about her, especially if her forthcoming record is your introduction to the project, is the wordplay in her album title and moniker. Then you will be hit by the technicolor waves of fuzz and noise. Bothy is Pander Sera’s debut LP due out next […]

dgtl clr
Hot Artist Alert: DGTL CLR brings the 90s to your ears

A 90s blast-from-the-past packed with modern utilizations of synths and electro-dance, DGTL CLR is a powerhouse of sonic beats born out of the head of Devereaux Jennings. Think Miike Snow but with a few more metric tons of funk courtesy of Jennings obvious infatuation with building expansive electronic soundscapes for all manners of groovy instrumentals […]

the dumes
New Single from The Dumes Finds a Way To Convey Their Love—Celebrate Its Release on Feb 2 at the Peppermint Club

At any given point in this newcomer’s past, she could have been a music teacher, professional snowboarder, vocalist in a band, or private poet. Today, Elodie Tomlinson fronts The Dumes which has just released a debut single, though her presence and story are enough to make her one to watch. That single, “More Than Physical,” […]

stains of a sunflower
Grit and Grunge Mark New Single from Stains of a Sunflower — LA Show at the Whisky

Natalie Renée is fed up. Her band, the local rock quartet Stains of a Sunflower, has just put out a new single called “Enough,” which is filled to the brim with disdain. The song is the latest release after their self-titled EP dropped back in February. Browse any of their releases and you’ll find yourself […]

Hot Band Alert: Tangerine are the dream-pop, sun-soaked soundtrack for the romances of your youth

Sleek dream-pop textures and a vocalized 80s sentimentality abound on the debut EP White Dove from Los Angeles by way of Seattle trio Tangerine. Sisters Marika and Miro Justad along with Toby Kuhn have pieced together a particularly sublime brand of sun-soaked pop giddiness for their first release, mixing transcendent new-wave guitar work with gleaming, Madonna-esque vocals. […]

bone acre
Premiere: Bone Acre is Post Punk for the #MeToo Era — watch riveting new video for “It’s OK”

High desert-based Bone Acre is a powerful story and a new music act fronted by Caroline Heerwagen. When they appear live, they are a quartet comprised of Jason Obergfoll, Adam D’Zurilla, Sean Burgess and Ashley Mendel. Bone Acre plans to put out a full-length record this Friday, after today’s premiere of a moving new music […]