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10 Women Artists You Need To Hear If You Like Lana Del Rey

If you like Lana Del Rey, you will love these singers and music artists who in their own way are similar to Lana Del Rey, or exude a likeminded vibe. From breathy and sultry vocals, to dark tones that can get switched up real quick to a playful vibe, all these women singers and performers […]

Solis Nigerian indie pop singer artists
Artists You Should Know: Solis Fuses Soul and Sorrow in remix of “Abeg” Featuring Karun and Amindi

Joined by musicians Karun and Amindi in a remix of album standout “Abeg,” Nigerian singer-songwriter Solis leads the charge through an indie-pop daze. Alongside some minor but significant tweaks in the production, the newest reimagining is much more reverberating than its predecessor without completely changing the pre-established formula. Instead, it expands in sound and scope […]

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