“Rings” by Sean Bones – Album Review

Sean_bones_ringsI’m usually not one for reggae. In fact, the closest I ever get to listening to it is some Clash when Strummer was fusing some of his punk tunes with reggae/dub beats. That shit was hot! But every now and then I come across a bit of the genre that tickles my fancy. “Rings” by Brooklyn’s Sean Bones, also known as Sean Sullivan, the Sam Champion guitarist. This side project of his coming off French Kiss Records and recorded by Jon Spencer is pretty sweet. “Rings” definitely has that reggae vibe to it: a happy island feel, minus the loud chants and yells you’ll hear in most traditional reggae artists. This album has a strong indie rock feel to it as well. It may be in part to the sweet alluring vocals of Sullivan. He surely doesn’t sound like your every day raga-muffin.

“Bones” couldn’t drop at a more suitable time of the year than summer. The album just makes you want to chill on the beach with some good friends and cold brews. “Cry Cry Cry” is a really nice track with its pleasant melody. The lyrics are totally sweet about a lost love. Listening to it makes me a bit sad, but that happy harmony keeps it all good. “Dancehall” is a really cool track with some great beats set to make you move those hips. I was also more than pleased to hear the lovely voice of Norah Jones in the duet “Turn Them.” Both her and Sullivan come together so well to produce a beautiful song.

I highly recommend “Rings” by Sean Bones. It’s a perfect addition to your summer album purchases. Get on the goods July 21st here!

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