Premiere: Straddling Childhood & Adulthood, EMÆL Debut “3/4 In” off forthcoming LP

As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, Grimy Goods honors local group EMÆL, led by Emmanuel Ventura-Cruess. The Fullerton native is half-Mexican and has a bunch of new music ready for all to hear. Last month, the band released a new single, “THREE60,” an even-tempered yet mystical indie rock tune, and today they have […]

Premiere+Interview: Pander Sera Deviates from Her Own Deviations on Errant LP

After establishing her own rhythms, Pander Sera is ready to shake everything up again. Last spring, the Los Angeles noise artist, also known as Swan, released Bothy, a raucous explosion of percussion and wit. The sound of that record was unified and relentless—ambitious enough to leave a distinct mark, though not quite the breadth of […]

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talker celeste
New Music Video: talker let’s us in her “Personal Space”

Shot entirely in quarantine under social distancing measures, Los Angeles singer-songwriter talker, née Celeste Tauchar, recently shared the video for her song “Personal Space.” Directed and produced by Sean Berger and co-produced by Tauchar, the focus of video was to check in with the music community at large and to let them know they’re not alone […]

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Interview: Matt FX Emulates Mexican Cowboys on Debut Single “Vaquero”

The debut single from Matt FX was born in lockdown. It comes after years of other gigs around the industry, including as a DJ, producer, music supervisor (Broad City), and TV host (In The Mix with Matt FX). Now the New York-based artist has embarked on an exciting solo music career, starting with “Vaquero,” which […]

Ruination Records Releases Massive 50-Song Benefit Compilation
Interview: Ruination Records Releases Massive 50-Song Benefit Compilation to Raise Funds for Immigrant and Refugee Rights

As the next election draws nearer, we cannot forget why we fight, or rather, who we fight for. Ruination Records surely hasn’t; the independent label is gearing up to release a compilation album called So Many Singing, Volume 2, where all proceeds will be donated to immigrant and refugee non-profit organizations. Among the 50 contributors […]

via intercom
Interview: Nuanced Wisdom Flows from Via Intercom’s New LP, Flex, Release

The wisdom that emanates from Brooklyn’s Via Intercom may teach you something about yourself and the society we live in. The duo, comprised of Maggie Colgan and Stevie Jick, debuted their project two years ago with an ambitious 14-track concept record called Buzz Buzz Buzz Vertigo, which explored childhood and budding queerness. Jick has worked […]

Interview: frogi Wants to Topple the Industry’s Boys’ Club With Powerful Bedroom Pop—Introvert EP is Out Now

LA’s frogi is filled with contrasts but not contradictions. The songwriter and producer recently released a bedroom pop EP titled Introvert. It is restrained and quiet, tied together with a strong motif of love, though probably not the love you’re thinking of. Her stories are nuanced and sensitive, but that is not what defines her. […]

An Interview with Iconique — Making an Entrance with “The Bitch Has Landed”

On the heels of their challenging leading single, Iconique today reveal “The Bitch Has Landed,” another cut from their forthcoming Ovation EP. The LA-based neo-disco act is heating up just in time for the weather to cool down, which is apt—after all, fall fashion boasts some of the year’s most extravagant looks. Similarly, Iconique’s new […]

pander sera
Premiere + Interview: Pander Sera Wants to Rattle Your Sternum

Sean Draper is a clever experimenter. The first thing you notice about her, especially if her forthcoming record is your introduction to the project, is the wordplay in her album title and moniker. Then you will be hit by the technicolor waves of fuzz and noise. Bothy is Pander Sera’s debut LP due out next […]

Mike Krol
An Interview with Mike Krol — a man of many hats who ultimately makes some stellar garage rock

There is something about being from Milwaukee. Whether it’s the midwestern work ethic or knowing you are on your own as far as any creative pursuits. When you meet a Milwaukeean in a creative field you can bet they had nothing handed to them. Mike Krol is no exception, except… he is. Krol’s path to […]