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Grimy Goods is Los Angeles’ premier music lifestyle blog. Featuring the best giveaways, handpicked show & event calendars, photo galleries, original features & interviews, fashion, new music recommendations, and more — Grimy Goods is a key source of information for those of us who live a music lifestyle. From the the clothes we wear, to the bars and restaurants we frequent, and the pop culture we love to critique — music is relevant through just about every facet of our lives. Grimy Goods is here to provide an open platform for readers to celebrate that music lifestyle, connect, and keep our L.A. music community alive and well. However, we do like to get out of our comfort bubbles once in a while …

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Sandra Olinger
Founder/Editor in Chief


Emily Saex
Associate Editor/Content Producer


Steven Ward photo
Steven Ward


Farah Sosa


ceethreedom photo


Anne-Marie Schiefer
Anne-Marie Schiefer
Writer / Photographer


Danielle Gornbein
Danielle Gornbein


Wes Marsala photo
Wes Marsala


Additional Contributors include:

Andrew Gomez, Michael Espeleta, William Gormely, Jamie Lawlor, Brandon Espeleta, Manuel Dominguez, Zoë Elaine, Lindsay Wiles, Ziv Biton, Dominoe Farris-Gilbert, Jazz Shademan, Will Tee Yang, Stephe Psi-X,

40 thoughts on “About Grimy Goods

  1. Grace

    Hello and Happy Friday!

    I’m emailing you today to get contact information for who the best person would be to send a flyer about an event and invite one of your writers out to said event, starting in September.

    Thank you,

  2. Dan Lafferty

    Great site. I enjoy reading the stories along with, of course, the giveaways. Must be a great environment to work every day.

  3. Sandy Post author

    You’re welcome Penny! We have plenty more give aways coming! So check back for more fun in music. xo

  4. pennylanex12

    greetings to my new fav site EVER!! I just wanted to tell u thanxs again for the tixs i won and what made it even so sweet was that me and another” BANDAID” won 🙂 myself and a group of girls and guys have this crew of sorts and our passion is SWR.We follow the music were all about the music and SHE WANTS REVENGE IS OUR COMMON BOND for years we gather we get our front row places we attend as many shows poss and we are are all over the USA.im very proud of this misfit all ages group and I LUV MY BAND.thank you for all you do from this music luver to another xoox PLX12~~she wants revenge~

  5. You Don't know

    Grimy Goods is rad. Even radder since it’s just about run by all hot girls. And god damn, SANDY B. You’re the ultimate cutest radest chik.. It was nice admiring you from afar at The Vaccines show. Whether you noticed or not ……

  6. Blair

    Grimy Goods, Aquarium Drunkard and Rollo Grady are the best REAL music blogs in LA. Hands down!!! You guy all keep it real and selective. Love that. THANKS

  7. Grayden

    Love all the live show reviews! You guys rock the most in LA. Keep up the legit work. And Sandy is HOT!

  8. Sandy

    I lov this site!!! And my name is Sandy too! You all do such a good job of bringing the cool stuff to us.

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  11. Mr. T

    Sweet site Sandy !Told you I’d check it out. We go back on tour early 2010 and would love to have you at our shows. See you beautiful.

  12. Will

    My friend turned me on to this Grimy Goods. I like everything very much. Hopefully I can learn more and go to some shows.

  13. The Lord of Venice

    Is it true you have are “taken” now? Leave for a couple months and you get swooped on. (sigh)

    kiss me deadly.

  14. Jeremy

    Yo yo it was a blast getting wasted with the grimy goods staff this weekend, the 4100 dancers were classic

  15. Hans Fink

    Well, Mz Burciaga, I am happy to see you doing something excellent, such as this. I am proud to say I was once your editor… once… long ago… ha ha ha ha… Keep up the superior blogging. Be well.

  16. George

    Wow. Do you man this whole blog on your own? And I ment wow as in your very good looking. Good job!

  17. The Lord of Venice

    Well looks at you Sandy. I like that you put a pic up. Now everyone knows your not only talented but beautiful.

  18. Tahna (Walter's co-worker)


    Your bro Walter told me to look at your site and sister I have to say it “ROCKS!!!!”

  19. Richard

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, dont you stay busy. Wow, i feel like some kind of insider. Im waiting to send you that letter becasue i want to send you a copy of Positive Energy with it, which is a new Melbourne skateboard video. some of these questions weren’t some easy to answer either. oh, by the way, Kieth Richards is incorrect spelling, its spelt good in the actual acticle tho.. Keith, fix it before judgement day

  20. Chad

    I really like it “That Girl”. I think I need an anonymous vent page too. Youve been added to my favorites. I know you’ll be providing an excellent resource for filling my need “to feel like someone understands my frustration about all of the crap out there”! Keep up the honest work.

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