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moon honey
Los Angeles’ beloved Moon Honey bid farewell with new and final album “Dreamlet”

From Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Los Angeles, California, the members of Moon Honey have traveled down the yellow brick road to find a home in Echo Park where they cultivated a unique swamp rock sound and stage presence. Over the last few years, Moon Honey, the brainchild of vocalist Jess Joy and guitarist Andrew Martin, […]

Sandra Burciaga Olinger |
Hot Artist Alert: KÁRYYN’s debut album The Quanta Series, a sea of electronic swells — LA Date at Regent

When the original opera Of Light that L.A.-based KÁRYYN had created a score for made its premiere in Reykjavik, Iceland it’s likely that she didn’t expect for one of its audience members—Björk—to name her in a Guardian profile among the creatives she was most excited for. The praise couldn’t have come at a better time […]

Steven Ward |
New Single ‘A Rose’ By Xoller Is A Hauntingly Beautiful Ode To Gertrude Stein

“You and I are just roses, after all; beautiful in our imperfections, and timeless despite our impermanence.” – Xoller Dark pop princess Xoller is back with another elegant single, ‘A Rose.’ Perhaps her most classic song yet, the tune follows a clean, familiar melody that hangs in the atmosphere like a lullaby. Xoller was inspired […]

Hot Artist Alert: Cowgirls find reinvention and purpose on debut single “Loose Story”

After six years of playing bass across Los Angeles for the Dead Ships, Alex Moore found himself feeling more than a little stagnant and drifting in regards to his musical soul. The debut single for Moore’s new project, Cowgirls, was inspired by a desire for “reinvention” and “to flip the script and change the monologue […]

Monogem Entices Us Once Again With ‘So Many Ways’, A Song Dedicated To Love

“So what is love? Is it when I hold back?” – Monogem, ‘So Many Ways’ Monogem just delivered a track that floats like a sultry daydream. ‘So Many Ways’ carries us on a wave through pop synths and subdued drums, her voice hypnotizing us from the start. The dazzling track materializes ‘love’ in its many […]

Holy Wars Releases Cult-ish Music Video For Their Latest Anthem ‘Legend’

Holy Wars released a music video for their epic anthem, ‘Legend,’ that flirts with society’s desire for fame and individuality. Featuring pale characters stripped of their autonomy, the video was directed by Erin Naifeh along with front woman Kat Leon. ‘Legend’ is hauntingly cinematic and uncomfortably beautiful. Thundering drums parade us throughout a tale about […]

Gavyn Bailey Releases Acoustic Single, ‘No Space’, About The Moment You Decide To Let Go

Folk singer-songwriter Gavyn Bailey just delivered a refreshing single from the perspective of everyone’s turning point: ‘No Space‘ is an introspective account from the moment you realize you have to move on. At some point, we come to a spot where we look at what we’ve built, whom we’ve spent our love on, and where […]

Lost In A Lover: Multi-instrumentalist Hēran Soun Debuts With ‘Barricade’

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Hēran Soun creates a dynamic, ornate world in his artist debut: ‘Barricade.’ Lush, endearing tones tell a story in every corner of this tale of two lovers losing innocence to one other. The tendency we have to melt entirely into our person is not without sacrifice; in the end boundaries must arise, […]

Henry Chadwick
Premiere: Henry Chadwick cuts through the noise on new single “Awake”

Santa Cruz-native Henry Chadwick has shared his latest single “Awake,” a further foray by the singer/songwriter into his sublime blending of garage-rock with power-pop. Tackling a sense of existential dread that had left Chadwick feeling pulled in a variety of different directions, both in his creative and personal endeavors, the song is a moment of […]

Steven Ward |
molly moore singer
Molly Moore’s ‘I Love You But I Don’t Like You’ Gives Heartbreak A New Look

Bold lyrics and a steady swagger lead the way in Molly Moore’s latest release, ‘I Love You But I Don’t Like You.’ In the aftermath of a breakup, we’re left to grapple with unprecedented feelings, bringing us annoyances like like grief, guilt, and anger. Moore’s track is a brave two minute account of where she’s […]

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