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Mating Ritual Is Crowned “King of the Doves” on Their First Single Since Hot Content LP

The brothers of local alternative pop group Mating Ritual have been wrestling with their ego. Their brand new single “King of the Doves” was the first song they wrote in their newly built studio, intended to simply be an audio test for all their instruments. But the impromptu melodies were so compelling that they begged […]

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Caribou -- Photo by Thomas Neukum
Caribou’s New Single “Home” reworks a Smooth Soul Song

A smattering sample of sounds with a laid back hook, Dan Snaith, better known by his stage name Caribou, ends a five-year hiatus in effortless style with “Home.” The newest single is a reworked mix of Gloria Barnes’ song, “Home.” It is his first release since dropping his 2014 album ‘Our Love.’ Listening to the […]

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Starcrawler pool together all the best of metal and rock-nostalgia on kerosene-soaked new album Devour Me

Leaning into their audaciously feral tendencies on their new record Devour Me, Los Angeles rock-outfit Starcrawler continues to crystallize that rabid spirit made so critical to their live shows by bringing into the studio with them. With an already notorious reputation for dishing out concerts that are as much a harrowing spectacle as they are […]

walk onto sun
Walk Onto Sun finds hypnotic bliss in melancholia on self-titled debut

From the opening moments of Walk Onto Sun’s self-titled debut album, a mesmerizing bleakness settles itself over the dizzying soundscapes found within. As the solo project from L.A. musician Ben Engebretson, Walk Onto Sun is no stranger to using its dark-cold wave sonics to cut into the political and social landscape of today, with their […]

jennie lawless
Hot Artist Alert: Jennie Lawless releases playful new single, “Emily’s Favorite Song”

Musician Jennie Lawless released a playful new single, “Emily’s Favorite Song” earlier this week and is set to play a free show at the Love Song Bar in downtown Los Angeles. An ode to two of Lawless’s friends and fellow musicians, the tune is a dreamy and well recited platonic love letter with a buoyant […]

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abby posner
Premiere: Abby Posner Debuts Honest First Track Off Forthcoming EP, ‘Return Home’

Abby Posner is intimately organic, sending listeners right back to their roots no matter what genre they favor. With an anticipated EP on the horizon, Abby has just released it’s first single ‘Return’, recorded live at the Village Studios with the Queertet:  Born and raised in Colorado, Abby’s voice rings with an honest timbre, delivering […]

Geneva White
Premiere: Geneva White finds freedom in tough truths on new single “FRAME”

Los Angeles singer/songwriter Geneva White touches on a visceral vulnerability on her new single “FRAME.” Written on her bedroom floor–in the depths of her feelings listening to Taylor Swift–the song finds inspiration in a phone call White had with a close friend in which she found herself unable to open up in the way she […]

Lucy & La Mer
Lucy & La Mer Spread Joy Through Europe With Their Newest Single / Video ‘Discover’

Indie folk star Lucy & La Mer went all the way to Paris to create the visuals for her newest tune, ‘Discover.’ The track is a bubbly, feel good anthem aimed at reminding the world that “the best is here, it all begins right now.” See life in all its color through Lucy’s eyes: Featuring […]

Thurston Moore
Thurston Moore Delivers a Prayer with His Latest Spirit Counsel

With an arsenal of seminal albums tucked into his belt, it’s no surprise that Thurston Moore’s latest output is nothing less than outstanding. Less of an album than a magnum opus, Spirit Counsel is as subterranean as it is sublime, consistently toeing the line between noisey rock and experimental. The content is sprawling but the […]

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Interview: frogi Wants to Topple the Industry’s Boys’ Club With Powerful Bedroom Pop—Introvert EP is Out Now

LA’s frogi is filled with contrasts but not contradictions. The songwriter and producer recently released a bedroom pop EP titled Introvert. It is restrained and quiet, tied together with a strong motif of love, though probably not the love you’re thinking of. Her stories are nuanced and sensitive, but that is not what defines her. […]