“Idol Omen” by Glass Ghost – Album Review

Now this is some straight up chill music. Check out this awesomely creepy Brooklyn duo Glass Ghost. As I listened to their debut album “Idol Omen,” at times it felt like the soundtrack to a dark fairytale with its growing  influx of pounding drums and magical chimes. Front-man Eliot Krimsky sings with a haunting falsetto that comes off a bit detached and full of delicate nature. Balancing it out with the hard drum beats and hip-hop influenced stylings, Mike Johnson’s keeps the beatsrollin’ proper.


A Few Favs:

“Mechanical Life” – With a dark, industrial tone and eerie vocals, this track has a mysterious yet alluring element to it. It’s  full of hypnotic beats and pounding percussion set to alter your mind to another level.

“The Same” – I found this song to be a bit creepy, but I kinda like creepy things, including creepy boys. Busting with instrumentals from circus beats, to drumlines and gothic organs, this song is a fuckin’ trip!

“Ending” – Closing up the album with a track sprinkled in jazz piano and enchanting melodies, “Ending” is a beautiful release, yet a suspenseful ending; a perfect prelude for what’s to come from Glass Ghost.

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