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Nick Andre ltd
Nick Andre and Jazz Mafia Bring the Bay Area Together on New Hip-Hop Single “L.T.D”

The production from Jazz Mafia and Nick Andre steals the show during the climax, breaking down into a full-on brass ensemble as Lyrics Born and Lateef take a step back from providing vocals.

David Sosa |
BIIANCO and Mary Droppinz Give Praise to “La Discoteca” (feat. My Name Is Alex) on New Single

BIIANCO has made a name for themselves as a prolific collaborator whose innovative partnerships result in emotionally, physically, and sonically absorbing music across a spectrum of dance genres.

DEBBY FRIDAY Surrenders to Love and Ecstatic Drum-and-Bass on New Single “let u in”

The new single bears all the hallmarks of FRIDAY’s captivating aura: a hyper-kinetic melody of percussive beats where genres collide to form mesmeric soundscapes.

Agender Pay Tribute to “Damaged Girls” on Scorchingly Fervent New Single and Music Video

The Los Angeles post-punkers are back brandishing their inextinguishable rock bravado with a fittingly sizzling homage.

Empress Of
Empress Of Shares Heavenly New Single and Music Video “Kiss Me” (feat. Rina Sawayama)

Draped in the song’s crystalline melody and beatific electronica, the two luminously voiced singers raise up an earnest plea for their respective lovers to reveal their feelings.

Eiza Murphy
Eiza Murphy Embraces the Ephemeral Nature of Relationships on New Single “Stepping Stone”

“Stepping Stone” laments over the inevitable goodbyes we eventually gift to people we once believed we were irrevocably attached to.

MØAA Disappears into a Fever Dream of Obsession on New Single and Music Video “The One”

Bathed in the dark allure of MØAA’s entrancing atmospherics, an ebullient glimmer of synths and eerily droning bass and electric riffs mirror the song’s ravishingly bittersweet lament.

Dua Saleh
Dua Saleh Kindles a Fire Against Dysphoria on New Single and Music Video “Daylight Falls”

Their new single is a synthesis of those genre adaptabilities: a riveting and electrifying anthem with which Saleh explores the abysmal nature of rock bottom.

Shakira El Jefe
Watch Shakira’s Video for New Single “El Jefe” featuring Fuerza Regida

The new song and video is a direct social commentary on the backbreaking work many migrants endure just to make a buck where ends never meet.

Sandra B. Olinger |
Decant Offer a Forlorn Tribute to a Late Friend on New Single “Passing”

Guided by the dolorous words of frontperson and vocalist Freddie Bytheway, “Passing” explores with raw tenderness the ways in which love and addiction are seamlessly entwined.

Gaby Moreno
Gaby Moreno Clamors for “Solid Ground” on Rousing New Single and Music Video

Her new single finds her returning to that breezily rousing style of Americana she’s woven over the years.

Ships Have Sailed
Ships Have Sailed Rally Against the Rescindment of Reproductive Rights on New Single “Get Loud” (feat. Abby Posner)

The track draws its power from the band’s passionate lyricism as much as their volcanic sonics — from its grueling riffs to its thunderous foot-stomping energy.

Cody Belew
Cody Belew Is Fiercely Unapologetic On New Single “I Did It For Love”

Written as a response to the actions of another artist who sought to disparage him — though they’ve now reconciled — the rollicking anthem remains an unapologetic expression of identity.

LUCYS Delivers an Irresistible Pop-Punk Anthem on New Single “Dream of U”

As their third new track of the year “Dream of U” is a thrumming ode to romantic fixations, exploring the borderline-obsessive thoughts and emotions that frantically fill your every waking (and sleeping) moment.

Steven Ward |
dark bardo
Dark Bardo Invite You to “Avalon” on their Hauntingly Hypnotic New Single

“Avalon” paints the mansion and community it fostered in a mythical light, one that’s both created and sustained by the duo’s penchant for mind-bending production.

Sumi X
Sumi X Braces for Love’s End on Heart-Wrenching New Single “Stay With Me”

Through a frayed tangle of blistering electronica and the cold twinkle of piano keys, she gives voice to the exquisite torment of realizing far too late that true love has slipped away.

Great Northern
Great Northern Bask in the “Bad Light” on Intoxicating New Single

As the sixth single they’ve shared this year “Bad Light” arrives as an incinerating revelation, confronting the immolating earnestness with which we resist change despite its inevitability and necessity.

Jen Awad
Jen Awad Reveals the Rapturous Title-Track of New Album “Existential Daydream”

Los Angeles-based artist Jen Awad obliterates fears of failure on her new single “Existential Daydream,” arriving as both the title track and first preview of her forthcoming debut album. She will also be playing at The Moroccan Lounge in Los Angeles on August 27th. Wielding a meteoric voice that’s rightfully earned her comparisons to Amy […]

DeathbyRomy Joins Heffy on New Single and Music Video “Offender”

Pulsating with irresistible bass cut by streaks of shrieking synths, “Offender” is a magnetizing and manic rush made all the more enigmatic by DeathbyRomy’s enthralling aura.

BELLSAINT Reminisces on the Advice of “Jim Carrey” on New Single

Her latest offering springs from a surreal but life-changing interaction at a party that inspired a seachange in the way BELLSAINT would forever approach creating music.

SWIMM Explore Past Lives on New Single “Last Life”

“Last Life” finds SWIMM exploring and testing the bonds that tie us to our perceived soul mates — musing through its subdued but ebullient melodics what it means to live and die with such an attachment.

Allison Russell
Allison Russell Unburdens Herself on New Single and Music Video for “Snakelife”

In “Snakelife” she stages a triumphant rebirth — summoning with titanic and radiant resolve the world that Russell wishes earnestly to eclipse our own.

Mykki Blanco
Mykki Blanco Teases New EP “Postcards From Italia” with Raving New Single “Holidays In The Sun”

Blanco characteristically cranks up the allure that gushes from the track’s syncopating rhythms and thrumming bass as they weave their vocals through a gauntlet of ecstatic rave sonics.

Kanwal Unleashes Rage Funk on New Single “Tuggin’ Me Back”

In “Tuggin’ Me Back” he directs his fiery ire at the infectious toxicity of a lover whom they just can’t seem to escape.

Alina Baraz
Alina Baraz Unveils Her Needs on New Single “Keep Me In Love”

Her latest “Keep Me In Love” teases the arrival of a forthcoming sophomore record while also continuing to establish Baraz as an enchanting and emotionally alluring vocalist.