Photo: Lizeth Santos

I can’t pin point this assembly of sounds from Rafter which is a good thing in this sound check.  “Animal Feelings” has an organized mesh of various styles of instrumentation from a funk-sonic quality, brass, vocoder, synth and drum appeal to lovely mellow hints of Caribbean treatments.  “No Fucking Around” starts out with a funky vocoder with some drops of cymbal-bass drum breaks and cowbells eased in with lovely vocals and melodies. “Timeless Form, Formless Time” takes off with a Nortec brass and drum element with a smooth accordion in the back drop then transitions to lovely guitars picks.  I really enjoyed the title-track “Animal Feelings” for its hall sound effects treatments with nice synth stabs and cool melodies and ride-along beats.  “Paper” is a happy tempo track with some quirky synth touches and grimy lyrics. Rafter has definitely made his own signature sound using various styles of music all contained in a consistent and effectual manner. And you know what? Intentional or not it works!  “Beauty, Beauty”, is a Beauty!

Words: Walter Burciaga

“Animal Feelings”
Asthmatic Kitty
Release Date: April 13, 2010

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