Words: Walter Burciaga

Following Inu’s impressive “Montster” EP is their new debut long player, “Not For Anyone.” The debut contains all of the five tracks from Inu’s aforementioned EP. “Monster” was solid throughout with no filler type songs and yes, there is a review of it on Grimygoods.com.

If you haven’t purchased this great collection of well produced atmospheric indie rock I highly recommend you get your music investments worth in obtaining this well made LP, “Not For Anyone.”   As far as the other tracks on the LP, there are six new songs. The track “Appearances” and “Sealed” carries Inu’s signature sound of emotional souring guitars and steady yet calm vocals. “Far from Safe” has a cool unique drum machine pattern as a backbone to a plethora of fascinating sounds and distorted waveforms. As the song progresses, it’s layered with an acoustic drum kit that rolls with such eloquence as part of the buildup then drops again into the coolness of Count’s subtle production treatments.  Title track “Not For Anyone” is a very expansive song with charming string elements by Zoe and deep thoughtful substance.

This music is “not for anyone” who does not appreciate music with emotional depth and substance. Include this production of work in your library for those new up and coming memories of life. I already have …