Ayleen Valentine Releases “a/b__2” Sharing Two New Singles “epitaph” and “i can’t stop dreaming of you”

Ayleen Valentine
Ayleen Valentine by Caity Krone

Ayleen Valentine is back with another dual release: sharing two new songs “epitaph” and “i can’t stop dreaming of you.” They arrive as a/b__2 — the second singles package she’s shared this year and the first collection of new music that’s come since the release of her debut album tonight i don’t exist. Valentine will also be heading out on tour next month with a stop at The Echo in Los Angeles on Apr. 26 and at Bottle Rock Festival in Napa Valley.


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Valentine’s latest offerings reveal a love of quietly smoldering soundscapes made luminous by her vocal coos. In “epitaph” she wrestles dolefully with a fear of loneliness — both temporal and emotional. Fueled by her dark atmospherics Valentine appears vaporous against the sad echo of acoustic strings and delicately resounding echoes. But then the beat arrives as an anxious pattering of rhythms, edging her towards ever more grim musings: “walk around like things are fine, guess i’ll do another line / when i’m high i act so nice, talk to people i don’t like.”

The music video for “epitaph,” directed by Genevieve Andrews, makes that frigid dive into loneliness all the more chilling. Envisioning Valentine’s intense feelings of isolation in a fittingly traumatic manner. Caught in the aftermath of a violent car accident she appears surrounded by a variety of different people throughout — from the paramedics treating her to the flashing cameras of bystanders. Yet through it all Valentine sings with eyes that seem to understand that she’s reached the furthest depths of being alone.


The second song “i can’t stop dreaming of you” is no less emotionally visceral as it captures the thoughts of someone prepping themselves for heartbreak. Haunted by the fear that the person they love will find someone else and that they’re just one of the many who will pass through their life. Guided by her earnest croons full of lovelorn worry Valentine meanders through the swell of acoustics and dreamily melancholic tones that warble from the song. Once more revealing herself as an exceptionally affecting singer/songwriter that thrives within similarly rapt but minimalist melodies.

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See Ayleen Valentine at The Echo in Los Angeles on Apr. 26.

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Ayleen Valentine tour

4/19 – New York @ Mercury Lounge* (SOLD OUT)
4/21 – Chicago, IL @ Schubas*
4/23 – Atlanta, GA @ Aisle 5*
4/26 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Echo*
5/6- Seattle, WA – Belltown Bloom Festival (Presented By KEXP)
5/26 – Napa, CA – Bottle Rock Festival

* with Ethan Bortnick

Words: Steven Ward

Listen to “epitaph” and “i can’t stop dreaming of you” the new singles from Ayleen Valentine below!

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