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Special Goodness

What a great day it’s been! Love the simple things that warm your heart. Like Captain Beefheart says, “I’m Glad” Birfday bouquets in da office: Thank You!

Happy Birthday Bob!

Today is the birthday of one of the greatest artists in the world. From his poetry, music, artwork, and physical being, Bob Dylan has enlightened the world with his wise words. After 50 years of providing quality music with a true meaning, the man is till rockin. I got the pleasure of seeing him live […]

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The Berrics

Don’ we just all love this site … Wednesdays with REDA is up. The road to Deluxe is a long one. Parts 3 (already up), 4 and 5 throughout the day! So keep clickin’ back to The Berrics to see the rest of these funny, shredful installments. But until then, go behind the scenes at […]

Greg Lutzka's Birthday Party Photos

Well, it all went down Saturday night at the swanky Boulevard 3 in Hollywood. The celebration was set up as a red carpet event and damn was it packed. With a fine selection of women, the party definetely lacked on quality of men. Seemed like just a bunch of LA tools with bad fashion sense. […]

Greg Lutzka's 23rd Birthday Bash

Going off tomorrow night in Hollyweird is Lutzka’s 23rd birthday celebration! Invite only, but those of you that really wanna be seen and heard can purchase some tickets for this night of debauchery! Check out the flyer above for more info and stay tuned for a vivid photo gallery of the madness ensued.