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Guest Vocals

Of all the pathetic rap music that infiltrates are airways today, this tight little piece explains it all. And if that ain’t the troof! Enough said … Thanks to Kristang for sending.

"Fuck Lil Wayne"

Seems like this crap rapper Lil Wayne just keeps on stepping on all the toes of some kick ass rock n’ rollers. First the whole Rolling Stones fiasco and now fuckin’ up The Black Keys’s set at the Virgin Mobile Festival in Baltimore. Coming on 40 minutes late, Lil Whack shortend The Black Keys’ performance. […]

Lil Wayne Trying to cop the Stones

Funny: as I’m reading this news release on this rapper Lil Wayne, it reminds me of a couple weekends ago when my friend was making fun of me because I didn’t know who Lil Wayne was. Lil Wayne, Lil John, Lil Mama: really, can any rap artists today be any more original? So I checked […]