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This Will Destroy You
This Will Destroy You and Cymbals Eat Guitars melt walls of sound at The Roxy

This Will Destroy You and Cymbals Eat Guitars recently took over The Roxy in West Hollywood blasting out their unique sounds. known for the atmospheric and drawn out instrumental pieces, This Will Destroy You melted walls playing fan favorites along with songs from their most recent album, Another Language which was released last September on […]

Sandra B. Olinger |
Bob Mould At The Roxy: Teaching The Kids How It’s Done

Bob Mould The Sunset Strip has long been a strange relic to me. Enormously influential in its heyday, religiously mythologized in its present, yet seemingly unrelated to any scene in the last 20 years. Each storied block is filled with legend of Buffalo Springfield clashing with police and Jim Morrison spewing Morrison all over the […]

Ziv Biton |