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Lacey Baker makin’ some good moves! She’s been killin’ it mad this year and probably will for many more years to come. From Mystic Cup, to Maloof Money Cup she has taken 1st place glory: easily! If it wasn’t for her injured ankle during the X-Games she most def would have take the gold. Yeah […]

Etnies GvR Goes Digital

Sole Tech just keeps getting bigger and better, spreading it’s seed through every outlet. The 5th annual etnies GvR (Goofy Vs Regular) has hooked up with EA (Electronic Arts) to make it’s video game debut. I wonder if their infamous after-party will be a part of the game: sex, alcohol and rock n roll! Read […]

Etnies GvR 2008

The highly awaited and fanfuckintastic etnies Goofy Vs Regular is a commin’. Besides the great skating to be seen at the etnies’ Skatepark of Lake Forest, Sol Tech has always provided for some stellar entertainment. With the past couple years enlisting sound legends The Beastie Boys and the rockin’ Yeah Yeah Yeahs, this year they […]