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prom king
Stream Self-Titled Debut EP From Los Angeles’ Prom King

Prom King, the project of Sascha Andres and Jordan Frye, has shared its debut self-titled EP with the release of Prom King via Lauretta Records. Over the course of just three songs, the duo weaves their love of vintage rock and bombastic sonics into an emotionally gushing collection. At the center of which lies Andres’ […]

Hot Artist Alert: Bilingual Vocal Stunner Biig Piig Releases Moody New Single

Born in Ireland, Biig Piig artist Jessica Smyth is not who you’d imagine to not just be bilingual, but actively sing in English and Spanish. Her style as an artist is intriguing enough, then you hear her segue right into a Spanish verse, and you’re left even more fascinated with her sound. From switching between […]