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Album Review – Dante Vs. Zombies – Buh

  Dante Vs. Zombies are a group of strapping young chaps and lassies with a romantically delusional outlaw vibe, who “materialized out of thick air in September 2009.” Hailing from Texas and residing on the Eastern limits of Los Angeles, they have stirred together some beach boy beats and swanky vocals to create a sound I can only name as “Beach Blanket Emo […]

Sandra B. Olinger |
Swahili Blonde – Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink – Album Review

  Swahili Blonde at the Echoplex – Photo: Matt Fisher OK. There is a LOT going on here. I mean there is a hell of a lot going on here. Swahili Blonde’s newest release Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink mixes elements of krautrock, Afro-beat, psyche, dub, skronk, no wave and I don’t think I’ve even covered […]

StepheSykes |