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7 Indigenous and Native American Bands and Artists You Need to Hear

With it being Indigenous Peoples’ day on Oct. 10 we wanted to highlight some of the phenomenal artists that exist within Native-American and Indigenous communities. And although many of these musicians and bands are contemporary — by no means are their contributions to music relegated to just recent years. From Ronnie Spector who fronted the […]

Steven Ward |
Tia Wood at Zebulon by Asha Moné
Tia Wood shines with vocal prowess and charm at Zebulon

Community is everything and as MC Daniel J. French said, “We all come from somewhere. We are all Indigenous to somewhere.” In an intimate show at Zebulon last week, a space located on the Tongva Land we call Los Angeles, Indigenous performers find a safe space to share their musicality. With smooth jams and Fela […]

Sandra B. Olinger |