Paradise Hotel

Alright, we all got our embarrassing pleasures. Whether it’s listening to a lame band like Good Charlotte or some kinky shit like shrimping (I used to date a guy that had quite a selection of porn, a lil more than usual, and he got kicks off watching foot fetish porn.). Anyhow, some of us like watching terrible reality TV. I’m definitely a victim of this sinful indulgence.


So I was watching Paradise Hotel yesterday and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of dumb asses would actually go on such a show. I think that’s why I watch this reality bull shit, to laugh at all these lamers crying their eyes out and confessing their “issues” on national television … pathetic, but so entertaining. They cry over loosing someone they’ve only know on the show for like 5 days and get mad at each other at any sign of “playing the game.” Well guess what, it is a game, so quit fuckin wining.

I think that Mike guy is a tool, he refers to everyone as his best friend. That Myrna girl wears way too much make-up, bet you I could scrape that gunk off with my nail. She talks in such a stuck up tone! I’d pay money to see her get a donkey punch. Poor Krista, she’s nice, but kinda does look like a troll. And big boobied Stephanie has a metal grill on her bottom row of teeth. I can’t help but laugh whenever it’s revealed. That Aaron guy was crying like a little bitch yesterday. What a puss. And James is a drama queen, but he plays the game well. Now, that hot surfer with the mustache, Ryan, why the hell is he on that show? He’s the only guy on there that actually seems cool.

Yep, so I’m pretty much a lamer myself for liking this show, enough so to blog about it. Oh boy! I can’t wait till the next episode.

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  1. Krackteen

    Is Paradise Hotel like Temptation Island? I just caught two episodes of that the other weekend. Do you remember that dating reality show? It was like setting yourself up for disaster. lol

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