Shy Child Drops New Album, "Noise Won't Stop"

If you like the artists on electro hip labels Astralwerks and Killrockstars, your gonna love Shy Child. Their new album, “Noise Won’t Stop,” just dropped yesterday on Killrockstars and they’re slated to be the next electro rock sensation. Will they reach the hype of such past movers and groovers, Bloc Party and The Bravery? Only time will tell but they’re definitely worth a listen and if you like to dance, you best buy this album.

Just like The Black Keys and The White Stripes, this is a two man band, which seems to be the hottest ensembles right now. UK’s highly respected NME declares, “Shy Child are to Kraftwerk what The White Stripes are to Led Zeppelin!” I totally agree in the first sense, but the latter comparing Zeppelin would have been better suited with The Black keys, definitely not the White Stripes. Great band, but The Black Keys are way closer to Zeppelin not only in sound, but style as well. But yeah, pick up Shy Child’s, “Noise Won’t Stop” for some fun, feel good music.

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