The Sugababes … Bitch Best Step Off!

The Sugababes are pretty but they kinda suck and are a Spice Girls knock off, minus a few.

So I’m scanning through all my press releases and alerts, and I come across “SUGABABES SCRAP PLANS FOR NEW ALBUM.” Immediately my mind tracks back to a year ago when I was in Australia hanging out at this bar in Port Macquarie. I was a fun, smoky joint with slot machines. But what I remember most is the the fight I got into with some stupid Aussie cunt. Yes, I know that sounds vulgar but it’s normal Aussie slang. Me and my girl who was traveling with me were having some cocktails with these guys we had met while having dinner at their Italian restaurant. This drunken Aussie chick stumbles along, joins all of us with her sweet little gay friend and right away was being a bitch. This shit amuses me at times so I bare with it. Granted I love Aussies, especially Richard Flude … hehehe … But yeah, this girl started raggin’ on American music and blah blah blah. I told her I like a lot of Aussie bands and non American music as well such as Rose Tattoo, The Presets, Wolfmother, and so on. She dissed those bands, and knowing that their all pretty damn good I I knew she just had it out for me. So I asked her what she though was “good music.” One of her ignorant replies was a Spice Girls knock off call the Sugababes, who aren’t even Australian, they’re British. From there, the bitch in me came out, and I just laughed and ripped her a new asshole. She flicked a cigarette at me, so I chucked my drink at her and knocked her off her barstool. And mind you, I do not fight. I thinks it trashy and stupid, but this chick flicked a cigarette at me! Well, we both got kicked out of the bar and that was that. But I got a snap of her (below).

Two Aussies bitches. The gay male is cool as hell. But the drunk blond is one smelly bitch with a taste in music as bad as her stench.

But back to the press release, the Sugababes have pushed the release of their new album back to sometime in 2009. But don’t bother getting it cause they suck ass. Unless you’re in elementary school or idolized the Spics Girls, then you go girl! Go on with yo’ bad self and get that album.

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