By far, the Morrison Hotel Galleries are the ultimate in classic rock n’ roll photography. If you’re a fan of music especially those encompassing the rock genres, this gallery is a sanctuary holding some of the best images ever captured by the greatest names in music photography.

Fortunately I havet a Morrison Hotel Gallery just about 20 minutes south of me in La Jolla, Ca. After some sunset cocktails at the historic La V, I highly recommend checking out the gallery set to put your mind in extreme admiration.

For those of you on the east coast, on July 18 the Morrison Hotel Gallery’s Soho loft will offer the first fine art photography exhibit drawn from the extensive Sony BMG archive. “In Session at the Columbia Records 30th Street Studio” will feature candid, in-the-studio photographs taken mostly by Columbia Records’ in-house photographer Don Hunstein, at its legendary 30th Street Studio in New York City.

The exhibit will feature over 30 limited edition fine art silver gelatin prints – many of them never-before-seen – of singular figures such as Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, Miles Davis, Muhammad Ali, and Charles Mingus among others. Get on it if you know what’s good!