"Valley Girl" the Musical

You either love him or hate him, and I think I fell in love with Nicolas Cage (Randy) the first time I ever saw him in “Valley Girl” while I was barely in elementary school. Such a cutie loner punk he was. Still is to this day, a favorite flick of mine, but I’m not too sure about making it into a musical. MGM is putting into development a musical remake of MGM’s classic 1983 comedy “Valley Girl” as a feature film based on an idea by Idealogy, Inc.’s Sean Bailey and Matt Smith. Utilizing the classic Romeo and Juliet story of the original “Valley Girl”, the update will be a musical set to a re-imagination of classic ’80’s songs.

The original sountrack was great, so let’s hope they stay true to it and keep bringing all the Josie Cotton and most romantically, Modenrn English’s “Melt with you.”


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