Manhattan Bridge Skatepark Donations

The bird man has begun a pledge drive for the skatepark under the Manhattan Bridge. Currently a mere open space with a few ramps and rails scattered about, there’s high hopes for this sweet location. Hundreds of skaters from all over the Tri-Borough area, New Jersey, and elsewhere come to the park every week. Perfectly placed in the heart of New York’s skate district, accessible to public transportation, and sittin cool under the big bridge above, this spot can transform into something amazing. So crack open your piggy banks and make a donation and spread the good word! Whatch the vid here.

2 thoughts on “Manhattan Bridge Skatepark Donations

  1. Salman Agah

    hey sorry for all the comments please delete them I just wanted to let people know that skatebook is giving away 500 books at the event. later, Salman

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