The So Co Music Experience in SD was super cool this year, especially since The Black Keys played! I wish we could have gotten there earlier,as I would have loved to have seen Grand Old Party, Kinky and Lady Dottie and The Diamonds, but it was a hell of a busy weekend. Needless to say, we partied it up in the VIP area with a shit load of free drinks, followed by some backstage fun (and more drinks). Thanks So Co for the MASSIVE hang-over!

The Black Keys put on a stellar performance as always! These guys are just the fuckin shit! Dan is a legend in the making and Pat kills it on the drums, crazy octopus man! Check out their closing song “I got mine” live, in all it’s entirety below. Absolutely sick!

Oh yeah, as for Common I was thoroughly disappointed. I’ve always been a fan, especially in his “Like Water for Chocolate Days” and “Electric Circus,” but what I saw Saturday night certainly was not the Common I remember. Homeboy played a bunch of mash ups of other people’s music and acted like a typical rapper backstage having his HOT assistant or what have you, pat all the sweat off his body and physically change his shirt for him as though he were a helpless two-year old. I certainly didn’t see The Black Keys pull that shit.