From the Jam Cancells North American Tour

From the porn industry to the music industry this depression of the millennium is fuckin’ with everything. I can deal with a few inconveniences that quickly drain the weight of my wallet, but don’t fuck with my music. From The Jam was set to go out a North American Tour, although sans Paul Weller, they were comin’ up pretty well. Apparently the recession has dipped it’s grimy hands into them. Check out the band’s statement below:

It is with great regret that we announce that the band’s North American tour has been cancelled.

This is with immediate effect and results from the current economic climate with extra costs across the board making our proposed schedule non-viable.

The band has not taken this decision lightly and everything has been done to try to avoid this course of action. We very much hope to reschedule this tour for next year – any new dates will be announced first here.

With our very best wishes to all,
From The Jam

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