La la land! No, not LA (Los Angeles for you middle Americaners), but It’s yet another music related Web site. But apparently they just started selling songs for 10 cents each, beating itunes 99 cent picks. But there is a catch of course. Lala sells “Web songs,” which you can play as often as you want but never can download to your computer. However, you can spend an additional 79 cents to 89 cents to purchase a digital rights-free version of that Web song that can be burned to a CD or transferred to an mp3 player, including an iPod.

It’s like “lease to buy.” In the end, if you like the song, you end up spending just about the same if not more that with itunes or amazon. I say fuck that shit and stick with what you know is good. I hate being overwhelmed with options especially when there really is no differnce. You can stream almost anything for free these days and then opt to buy it.

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