Coachella 2009: Who's Going?

The line-up was announced this past weekend and it’s looking damn good! Coachella 2009: are you going?

As always there’s already rumors of who the surprise headliner will be, not to say that The Killers aren’t good enough to headline, uh … but Coachella always adds someone big and bad in the end.  Last year was Prince, and it seems like every year the rumor about Bowie gets passed around, yet I foolishly believe the thin white duke will make his appearance, only to be disappointed every year. One day, Ziggy, one day …

For those of you feeling the burden of the recession, layoffs and all that other depressive economic bullshit, you don’t have to pay the full price for tickets up front. They got a great layaway plan this year. Rest assured you’ll get to the sweaty sexy music melting pot we like to call Coachella.

Anywho, here’s the line up:


5 thoughts on “Coachella 2009: Who's Going?

  1. ari

    wassup girl!!

    hope your new job is still rockin

    got a house in palm springs—-goin the first two days….

    hit me up

    ae gold

  2. Miss Trixie

    I am so amped for Coachella! Recession or not I’m all about the layaway plan. Are you going to cover Coachella?

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