This past Saturday night (February 7) was “such a perfect day.” The day was bright and sunny, and pretty warm for New York City. Started out with some vintage record shopping at Fifth Avenue Record & Tape in Brooklyn where I was subjected to listening to some mildly retarded woman blab about her record collection, inclusive with a New Kids On The Block Vinyl. On the bright side she liked Sabbath.

Venturing on to a nice wine break back in the Slope, then onto some buttah like  sushi at Omido in Manhattan right next to the David Letterman Show. I highly recommend the Green Tea Martini, so delish! But the real icing on the cake came when we got to Terminal 5 to check out The Black Keys play a stellar set.

The show started out with a band called Lucero, who I could really give two shits for (sorry). The lead singer just sounded to country rock pop for me like Three Doors Down or some other band that frat boys like. I did however, love the rather rotund lumberjack looking fellow on the geetar. He was bad ass.

Next up were the Heartless Bastards, who I have liked for quite sometime now. Good to see them getting some well deserved tour coverage. Lead singer Erika, has an amazing, deep feminine voice that can croon with the best of them. A great band over all that puts on a killer performance. Very original and skilled in their soulful rockin’ tunes from the beginning, they ain’t no bandwagoners. They just dropped a new album too: “The Mountain,” it rocks!

As always, The Black Keys put on a great show! Dan cut his hair much shorter and trimmed up that beard. It almost looked like he was sporting a bowl cut in his country like Liberace shirt. That thing had tassels on it! Enough about his fashion though. The two-man band put on a knock out show playing just about an hour and a half. Lots of guitar solos, lots of movement and a great selection of songs! Probably one of the best performances I’ve seen them put on. And finally, “Have Love Will Travel.”


We had some sweet“special” seating but uh, I fergot my camera. Here’s a few snaps from our iphones.