Street Dreams Premiere

Looks like the heavily awaited flick, Street Dreams, a film about the reality of street skating and police brutality is about to set sail in select US theaters on June 12, following its June 8 Los Angeles Premiere.

Pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek makes his writing, producing, financing, and starring debut in the film. The story for Street Dreams is a writing collaboration between Dyrdek and Nino Scalia. Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, and Terry Kennedy also star in this skateboarding film told by skateboarders to show mainstream audiences the reality of the street skateboarding community.

Cameos? Expect to see these thrashers up on the silver screen as well: Stevie Williams, Jim Greco, Brayden Szyfranski, Karl Watson, Josh Kalis, Mikey Taylor, Devine Calloway, Sean Malto, Erik Ellington, and Tyler Bledsoe.


Christopher “Thes One” Portugal created most of the Street Dreams original score. Hip hop impresario Pharrell created the film’s anthem “Hoppin’ Over Fences” as well as provided N.E.R.D. tracks for the movie. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park also scored a section of the film.

With the attention Street Dreams is sure to garner, Rob Dyrdek hopes to continue to gain momentum for a true skateboarding movement that will open the door for serious social issues to be investigated and rectified. There are over 10 million self-identified street skateboarders in the US alone, and the majority is actively seeking natural obstacles found in urban public environments, which is illegal and sometimes harshly enforced. Until now, authorities have chosen to ignore police brutality toward skateboarders—there are even prevalent videos online showing young male and even shockingly female skateboarders getting beaten by cops caught on tape. Tired of skateboarders being treated as nuisances by public authorities, Dyrdek has taken it upon himself to change how the world sees the sport. After great struggle, Dyrdek was recently able to get through to the City of Los Angeles, and he even rode the world’s largest skateboard through L.A. with Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who now supports Dyrdek and his efforts. In February 2009, Dyrdek created and launched Safe Skate Spot through his foundation and in conjunction with the city of Los Angeles.

“Street Dreams is a continuation of our renegade movement. It is important for the mainstream audience to be aware of the issues and obstacles street skateboarders face today,” says Jason Bergh, Executive Producer at Berkela Motion Pictures.  “Berkela’s mission is to raise awareness and bring these types of stories to life as we did with Bra Boys.”  Sal Masekela, Executive Producer at Berkela Motion Pictures states, “With Street Dreams, Rob Dyrdek finally gives us a story of modern day skateboarding culture that doesn’t make a mockery of this unique, collective passion celebrated by kids across America.”  “I have so much respect for Rob, and I know that everyone at Berkela is proud to be a part of his ongoing mission to bring the realities of street skating to a mainstream audience,” adds David Katzenberg, Development Executive at Berkela Motion Pictures.

The full-length film will be released in New York, California, and select theaters across the US on June 12, 2009. For more information on Street Dreams, please visit

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