Cute and Dangerous


The title alone will make you want to come to this art show: Cute and Dangerous! If you’re a chick, it sounds super cute and filled with nice things you’ll want to spend those dollars on. If you’re a dude, you probably think there’s going to be some sexy chicks there (which there will be) and hopefully get some ass. Title or not, the artwork to be showcased is the main draw: cute, badass, clever, modern, edgy, weird — you’re basically going to get all the fix-ins.

Combining 16 artists from around the globe, this colorful event will feature live paintings, plush toys, videos, sculptures, designer toys, illustrations, prints and much more! Check out the line-up:
Jon Burgerman, Nathan Jurevicius, Meomi, SKAFFS, Anita Mejia, Angela De Reis, I Heart Guts, Hsinping Pan, Jupey Krusho, Mylan Nguyen, Le Merde, Jessica Cooper, Meghan Murphy, Julian Callos, Leslie Levings, and Andrew Wilson. Check out for detailed information.

It’s at a tight Laguna Beach Venue, Seven-Degrees, with loads of give-aways, drinks, music, good people, good times. It’s FREE, but get there early, the venue WILL hit capacity. See you there!

Admission: FREE
When: June 12, 2009
Time: 8PM – 1AM
Where: Seven-Degrees (Laguna Beach, Calif.)

5 thoughts on “Cute and Dangerous

  1. kellz

    I am down for this one since its only five min from my house. Seven degrees is sick! Everyone should check out Laguna Beach’s Art Walk the 1st Thurs of every month. Free drinks and appetizers and Seven Degrees always has the best music and food!

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