First Ever Vans Book! Win tickets to the VIP Party!

vansbookWell it’s about damn time! Vans have always been my favorite kicks since the 5th grade (oops don’t tell my Sol Tech friends that, or brother) and it’s so great to finally see this iconic skate shoe go down in printed history!

“Vans: Off the Wall by Doug Palladini tells the story of the community of action sports legends, musicians, artists and trendsetters that helped to define laid back California style as we know it. This personal, insider account features oral histories from Vans originals including Tony Alva, Steve Caballero, John Cardiel, Shaun Palmer and Joel Tudor and stunning images from CR Stecyk, R. Grant Brittain, Art Brewer, Trevor Graves and many more renowned photographers. This first run, 2009 edition 9″ by 9 3/4″ hardcover bound book is 208 pages and includes 365 full color illustrations.”

Want to go to the VIP only Vans Book Release Party on Thursday? TSOL is playing! Cruise by the Vans Book Party blog at 10:30am tomorrow for details on how to win the coveted tickets.

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