HOPESANDOVALI love, love, loved Mazzy Star when I was a tween. Her ambient dark sound and eerie harmonies were pure enjoyment to my ears. To this day, “Fade Into You” is still one of my favs (and it holds a lot of nostalgia). It’s good to hear the enchanting Hope Sandavol is gracing us once again with that stellar voice of hers. Sandoval and her band, the Warm Inventions have announced the release of their second album, “Through the Devil Softly” on Septemeber 1st. Coming at you off of Nettwerk, this will be their first album in eight years!

Teaming up with Colm Ó Cíosóig, co-founder and drummer of My Bloody Valentine. The two have worked together since the beginning of the Warm Inventions with their 2001 EP, “At the Doorway Again,” and subsequent debut full-length, “Bavarian Fruit Bread.”

Stayed tuned for upcoming tour dates!